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Digipare - A Zona Azul Digital

Digipare is an official Blue Zone app entirely focused on providing a convenient parking space to the users in just a few clicks. With nearly 1.3 Lakh users, we have covered more than 22 cities so far.

There is no need to return in the middle of the work while the parking time is running out, Digipare will notify the users and they can extend their parking hours in a few minutes. There are multiple options available such as activating the hours, which can be done via app, by calling the Digipare’s self-service channel, or just by sending an SMS.
Users can also see the activated hours and modify it according to their requirement. All they need to do is to sign up and start using this application.


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Benefits of Adopting Smart Parking Solution For Cities

Digital parking or say smart parking involves the utilization of real-time data, low-cost sensors, and some mobile apps which can help users to monitor parking spots, available or unavailable. The ultimate goal is to make automation and decrease the time taken for manually searching the optimal parking spot, lot, and floor. There are some solutions which can integrate complete set of services like online payments, advance booking, parking time notifications, and car searching functionalities for big lots too.

Practices For Managing Critical Parking Lots Problems

No wonder, there are a lot of parking issues that people have faced. Many of them can’t be solved with immediate reactions. Parking in urban cities t…

How Did Technologies Take Parking To The Next Level?

When it comes to parking, different physical places and constructions are discussed such as parking meters, garages, tickets, gates, and receipts. Some of these places are necessary, but some are just as a reminder of that time when we didn’t have any software to cover those places and optimize the Zona Azul parking.

Understanding the Working of Zona Azul in Sao Paulo

Blue Zone or Zona Azul is a paid parking system that runs in some districts of São Paulo. This system was introduced on 30th December 1974 to promote the rotation of street parking spaces and allow convenient access to businesses. The system is very simple once you know its working.

Park Your Vehicles Without Any Hassle With Digital Parking Solution

With regards to innovative ideas and development, parking areas had been disregarded to a great extent. Be that as it may, with the persistently expanding number of vehicles in the city, the parking issue got successfully tended to with Zona Azul Digital. We should observe what wasn't right with ordinary parking strategy, and how it has been changed.

Digipare Zona Azul CET São Paulo - Cartão Azul Digital

Digipare is the one-stop solution to various parking issues that users face in their day-to-day lives. Digipare is an official Zona Azul app entirely focused on providing a convenient parking space to the users in just a few clicks. With nearly 1.3 Lakh users, we have covered more than 22 cities so far. This application is available for both Google Play Store, iOS App Store as well as Windows Store.

What Is The Significance Of Digital Parking Solutions In Brazil?

Absence of parking spot was a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues for Brazilian drivers. They were not quite recently frightened but rather by one means or another observed by the undesirable colleagues, known as "flanelinhas". There was a need of computerized change in the field of Zona Azul digital parking. We should observe how much issues Brazilians have looked before this.

Ease Of Parking In Sao Paulo With Zona Azul Digital

Is it accurate to say that you are mindful of what Zona Azul Digital is? Or, on the other hand, do you as of now utilize it? On the off chance that you are as of now dwelling in a bad position in stopping your auto, this is the solution that you have to execute in your day by day life.

Working Of Digital Solution For Blue Zone

In the Sao Paulo of Brazil, drivers can rely on the quick, safe, and in addition the most a standout amongst the most practical approaches to stop their vehicles. It's a Zona Azul Digital card, that has called its direction. In any case, this is only a Zona Azul Digital Aplicativo which enables the enlisted clients to stop in any of the parking spots under the duty of Sao Paulo's Traffic Engineering Company.

Taking Parking To The Next Level With Digital Technologies

With regards to parking, diverse physical spots and developments are talked about, for example, parking meters, carports, tickets, doors, and receipts. Some of these spots are vital, however, some are similarly as an indication of that time when we didn’t have any product to cover those spots and enhance the Zona Azul parking.

How Are Digital Technologies Smartly Bringing The Smart Transformations In Brazil

A decent case is the display of the rotational parking systems in the city of São Paulo, the notable Zona Azul. As you know, parking the vehicle in the city of the city is a dubious assignment. An expansive number of vehicles moving and limited ranges for utilizing are a portion of the troubles looked by the drivers in the day by day banter for space. What's more, when he meets, some of the time the individual is without the Blue Zone card, that enables him to stop the vehicle at a specific space for a specific measure of time.

How Is Digital Parking Solution Proving To Be Beneficial In The City Of Sao Paulo?

Digital parking is one of the quickest developing and broadly utilized Smart City Solutions everywhere throughout the world. Colleges, air terminals, city carports and strip malls are only a couple of things that have begun to see the prominent advantages of mechanized/shrewd parking innovation utilizing different Digital Parking applications. The capacity to interface, examine and robotize information gathered from gadgets, portrayed as and controlled by the Internet of Things, is the thing that makes this cutting-edge parking framework conceivable.

How Have Technologies Made Cities Digitally Connected?

When it comes to parking, various places and construction sites get discussed such as parking meters, gates, garages, tickets, and receipts. Most of these areas are necessary, whereas some are the reminders of the previous time when there was no technology or software to cover all those places and clearly optimize the Zona Azul parking. But the technology has been upgraded and the practice that enables cities to be digitally managed is “connected cars”.

What exactly is Zona Azul Digital And How Does it Work?

Zona Azul Digital is a framework made by and utilized as a part of substantial Brazilian areas to support the rotation of vehicles in particular places. The parking in these spots is charged and the user can pick the time that desires to stay, paying a sum comparable to this.

Zona Azul Makes The Rotation Of Vehicles Parked In Los Llanos De Aridane 6 Times

When an initial couple of months of its start-up have not been concluded yet, the balance of results in the zona azul of Los Llanos de Aridane proves that the turnover rate of a vehicle has multiplied by 6 in the major parking areas transformed by this new system of paid parking.

How Has Prepaid Cards Made Parking Easier For The Drivers?

The concessionaire in charge of the turning parking framework also called the “Zona Azul” – reported last Thursday (20) another office for drivers who require access to people in general administrations, administrations and offices of the Sumaré area: the accessibility of prepaid cards. The card, which can be reloaded with any coveted an incentive in coin or check card meters, would already be able to be bought for $ 1.00 at around 50 stores enrolled as “Blue Zone” deals focuses.

How Parking Apps Adopted Mobile Payment Practice?

A mobile installment in parking has progressed significantly in a couple of short years. In its earliest stages, discovering parking administrators to receive mobile installment innovation took colossal conviction based actions, and the conviction this was what’s to come. Administrators didn’t see a requirement for mobile installment in Zona Azul, but to assume acknowledgment cards. They were suspicious whether a client would pay an exchange charge.

Is Existing Parking System Really Helpful Or Not?

Indeed, innovation is useful, similar to planes and cell phones, yet would we say we are utilizing parking innovation appropriately to get the business comes about we need? Do we buy pleasant to-haves, without considering the drawback? Consider whether the innovation you are thinking about (or recently bought) will help, or hurt, your association.

Air terminals are exceedingly directed organizations. They take the acquaintance of administrations with their clients genuinely, on the grounds that the reputational danger of settling on the wrong choices in Zona Azul has genuine ramifications.

The term smart city came into existence and became popular in the last few years. This indicates an urban area which is able to deal with the wide range of its citizen problems and requirements in an innovative way with the help of advanced technologies such as digital parking in Zona Azul. The objective of the smart city is to improve the quality of life, health, opportunity radically as well as contribute to the economic and social development of the cities.

How Are Drivers Paying For The Zona Azul Services?

A new system, called own card payment, has been introduced lately. Drivers can purchase this card at a price of $ 1.00 at the accredited agents or merchants that monitor the parking system for adding credits which allow drivers to stop in the delimited space. It was found in a research that, this system is the first and the best Zona Azul digital parking system in the area of Campinas. It operates 100% digitally and has no manual interference.

Zona Azul Has Changed The Way Cars Parked In Los Llanos De Aridane

At the point when the initial two months of its start-up have not yet been finished, the adjust of results in the Zona Azul of Los Llanos de Aridane demonstrates that the vehicle turnover rate has increased by six in the fundamental parking ranges influenced by this new methodology of paid parking.