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Updated by Ashish Gupta on Oct 03, 2013
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Twitter feeds for educational gaming resources

Gaming holds some amazing & engaging benefits, perfect for the educational setting. Game-based learning continues to fascinate edtech enthusiasts, who eagerly flock to social media to share their developments, research, designs, and strategies. And a few Twitter feeds worth following are listed here.


Kevin Corbett - @kevin_corbett

One of the Web’s foremost elearning experts expounds upon intersections between technology and education — which include plenty of forays into game-based learning, of course.

Top Kids Apps - @EducationalGame

The Fun Educational Apps blog — and, of course, its accompanying Twitter — covers the best applications for edutainment available on the iDevices.

David Miller - @DavidMiller_UK

Kuato Studios’ chief learning architect maintains a fabulous microblog crammed with amazing content about how gaming might very well alter the shape of education forever. And the better!

Gamification - @Gamification

It may not update as often as some followers might like, but this microblog still provides excellent, current information about the latest research into gamification in education, advertising, and other industries. Be sure to check out the wiki as well.

Laura Minnigerode - @LauraMinAustin

This Austin-based education policy expert discusses new media and gaming in both the classroom and the political sphere.

ClassroomAid - @ClassroomAidInc

Follow ClassroomAid for some carefully-curated resources and commentary on technology in education, with special emphasis on gaming.

jokaydia - @jokay

Exploring Virtual Worlds and other immersive digital realms provides seemingly endless learning opportunities in formal and informal learning environments alike.

Andrew Miller - @betamiller

Andrew Miller stands as an expert on edtech, and gaming and gamification both factor heavily into his content and consulting.

EdGamer - @edgamer

Check EdGamer’s official Twitter for information about when their latest podcasts on — what else? — educational gaming have been posted, as well as the occasional article and commentary snippet of interest.

Cynthia D'Angelo - @dapostrophe

With a Ph.D. in science education and a love of researching gaming’s classroom potential, Cynthia D’Angelo offers up an intelligent Twitter feed about where things might go from here.

DML Central - @dmlcentral

The Digital Media and Learning Research Hub at University of California might not exclusively look at the gamification of education, but the subject definitely factors into their studies!

GameDesk - @GameDesk

GameDesk focuses on all components of digital learning, though incorporating play into the mix ranks as one of the organization’s highest priorities.

Games in Education - @gamesinedu

Despite its sluggish update pace, this feed remains an essential follow, as it covers the annual Games in Education symposium.

Tracie Hightower - @gamify_learning

She hopes to bring together educators and developers alike for great discussions about gaming’s potential to nurse classroom success.

Brian McLaren - @BrianMcL

Game-based learning and education technology a-go-go; that’s all anyone really needs to know about this highly informative Twitter feed!

Sara M Grimes - @smgrimes

University of Toronto assistant professor Sara M. Grimes specializes in harnessing technology, including (especially) games in the interest of teaching younger kids.

MIT Education Arcade - @EducationArcade

Like its name implies, the MIT Education Arcade works tirelessly to explore the hows, whats, wheres, and whys behind the gamification of the classroom.

John Rutherford - @john_w2l

The co-developer of the what2learn educational gaming initiative weighs in on a wide variety of topics related to technology and learning.

Seann Dikkers - @sdikkers

Ohio University edtech guru Seann Dikkers loves discussing and sharing all things related to how gaming can engage and educate students of all ages.

For the Win - @gamifyforthewin

For the Win promotes “serious gamification” and peers into the roles games play in learning and other industries.

Institute of Play - @instituteofplay

Another initiative devoted to cranking out amazing, engaging digital games to keep users learning throughout the experience.

Eric Klopfer - @eklopfer

This MIT professor loves finding new ways to blend technology and education into one effective system, and that includes gaming.

Diana Dell, Ph.D - @dianadell

Consult this microblog for detailed information about all things edtech and game-based learning from an expert in the field.

STEPlab - @mitSTEPlab

MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education Program encourages MIT students to develop and use gaming and simulation technologies for educational use.

Peggy Sheehy - @PeggySheehy

She thinks Blizzard’s popular MMO franchise World of Warcraft (not to mention other games, of course!) possesses some excellent classroom applications, and she’s not afraid to show it!

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