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Beaches in Chanthaburi – A Selection of Sandy Retreats

The coastal town of Chanthaburi, situated in the East of Thailand is a beautiful destination with a fairly small but bustling town containing about thirty thousand inhabitants.


Khung Wiman Beach

This coastal stretch is widely believed to be one of the nicest beaches in the region. It also happens to be one of the smallest, which can be quite advantageous if you're looking for a secluded and romantic setting. The waters here are usually quite calm since the beach is sheltered by its very own bay. Khung Wiman beach is also eclipsed by a group of trees, and has a very lush backdrop since the Ao Kung Kaban National Park is its neighbour. This particular has a wide variety of restaurants for visitors to choose from, while still ensuring that the beach is a tranquil and non-congested destination.


Laem Sing Beach

While Khung Wiman is a tranquil sanctuary with golden sands, Laem Sing is just as tranquil, but with white powdery sands instead. The beach is widely praised for scenic views, and waters that are consistently tranquil and transparently clear. There are pockets of Casaurina Trees that provide plenty of shade from the sun and adds a great deal to the ambience of the beach. There are also a variety of modern pagodas available for visitors to comfortably sit and enjoy the views. There's plenty of accommodation available in the area as well, and if you'd like centralised location with easy access to all these beaches then there's Chatrium Golf Resort Soi Dao which will also place you in close proximity to many attractions in Soi Dao.


Laem Sadet Beach

Powdery golden sands, turquoise seas, amidst a beautiful backdrop of Casaurine Trees are what this beach has to offer. A visit to this beach will give you an experience unlike any other since the fish are known to be quite friendly, and there's a strong presence of dolphins. This beach is also nearby to a national park, which means there is quite a bit of tropical splendour to be experienced. The trees that surround the park feature a range of restaurants beneath them, offering a range of culinary experiences. This particular beach has a very quiet atmosphere and is ideal for a relaxing retreat, to indulge in some indulgent food and the company of those special to you.


Ao Yang

This is one of the most enigmatic beaches in the area yet it is known to get quite busy during the weekends. One of the most intriguing aspects about this beach is a large island located very close to its shore. People commonly swim to the island when the tides aren't very strong and the conditions are Ideal. The island is famous for its freshwater pool that one can even drink out of. The seafood at the restaurants available at this beach is known to be particularly good, and there are six eateries in total for visitors to choose from, with five Thai food outlets and one more upscale restaurant.