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Headline for Electric Scooters / E-Tretroller
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Electric Scooters / E-Tretroller


002 | Electricmood


"The lightest fully equipped urban e-scooter..."

003 | ZAR


"Crazyfire Technology is raising funds for The World's Lightest & Smartest E-Scooter ... cool, small, portable, and can be easily folded into a backpack and bring it anywhere"

004 | Trikelet


"The Trikelet is a pristine looking and practical solution for the daily commute in and around big cities. This electric scooter .... is intuitive to ride and fold: within seconds it’s a very compact trolley, which can be dragged along."

005 | ESR750 Hoverboard®


"The ESR750H is based on the highly regarded, time tested and award winning GoPed ESR750EX , but incorporating the amazing and innovative Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indespension (C.I.D.L.I.) suspension system ..."

006 | Coolpeds Briefcase Electric Scooter


"Coolpeds USA's Briefcase is a high-quality carry-on suitcase with a built-in electric scooter that you can ride at up to 20 km/hour to your destinations like..."



"Citybug2 was designed with the utmost care, with a less-is-more philosophy in mind. Its sleek and minimalistic style is expressed in the dynamic and elegant cover that neatly hides the plethora of advanced technology..."

008 | Rover Electric Scooter


"Premium handmade electric scooters. Designed and built in Portland, Oregon.USA"

009 | Daymak Photon Scooter


"Daymak Inc. is raising funds for ... The Photon is a solar self charging boombox scooter with integrated speakers built on a solar pod with bluetooth and USB charging port."

010 | Oxelo Klick 5 Electric Scooter


"Save time on your journeys with our range of folding electric scooters, the perfect solution for revolutionising your everyday journeys."

011 | Floatility


"Where ever you are in demand for short distance transportation our revolutionary last mile mobility solution will bring you there."

012 | Best Electric Scooter 2016 - 2017 : Ultimate Guide and Reviews

"Are you planning to buy the best electric scooter for adults,kids or girls? This top electric scooter reviews & resources help you to pick the best one."

013 | Razor EcoSmart Metro

Electric Scooter Lab

"Razor ecosmart is eco friendly & street legal scooter. Before buy, read this razor ecosmart metro electric scooter reviews to learn pros, cons & many more."

014 | CityGo Urban


"Save yourself some time everyday with the CityGo Urban e-scooter. It's the world's best designed e-scooter designed for your urban commute."

015 | Mercane Wheels > Transboard

"The new Transboard scooter from Mercane Wheels borrows its suspension design from the automotive world. Mercane complements the suspension setup with a sharp design that folds in one swift motion ..."

New Atlas

016 | Cycleboard

"A pure and flawless riding experience. There is truly nothing like it in the world. Our intuitive lean-to-steer design lets your movement and reflexes lead the way. CycleBoards innovative platform meets the needs of all types of riders, conservative or aggressive."


017 | GoTube

"The World's Most Portable Electric Scooter... Our designers insisted on a concept that was useful, efficient and elegant. The minimalist design reflects those characteristics beautifully."


018 | Electricmood

"Thanks to our patented engine the ELECTRICMOOD is extremely light while still offering comfort and autonomy for your urban trips."


019 | Lama électrique

"L’électrification utilise un kit roue arrière Made in France. La batterie amovible de positionne sur le cadre et permet un rechargement facile. Le couple du moteur permet de gravir aisément des pentes à 8%. L’autonomie de 40 km permet une utilisation quotidienne simple et efficace."


020 | Kickbike eCruise

"... One charge will give you about 30 km of cool no-sweat cruising. Kick with the electricity or just straighten your back, glide and relax. You'll not only get some fresh air but will also arrive fresh and clean. Huge backpack or a kid with you? No problem. A child can stand in front of you on the footboard and heavy pack is not that heavy at all when you don't need to kick."


021 | E-ROLLER / E-SCOOTER - FL&Co. Eigenbau

"Unser neues Projekt: E-Scooter Weitere Informationen zum Roller: Motor: 500 W 48V (eigentlich für 36V ausgelegt) Batterie: 48V 14Ah (4x 12V) Max. Km/h: 52 Km..."


022 | Tretroller Electro-Scooter

Shop "Fun-Wheels"

023 | Eon Scooter

"The Eon Scooter is equipped with an electric motor that is claimed to be powerful enough to carry a 250-lb (113-kg) rider up a 30-degree incline with no problems."

New Atlas

024 | Works Electric

"Premium handmade electric scooters. Designed and built in Portland, Oregon."


025 | Flexscoot