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Bagaimana Cara Meningkatkan Produktifitas di Tempat Kerja

Merasa sudah kerja mati-matian, tapi hasil tidak optimal. Bisa jadi produktifitas anda sedang menurun.

Berikut 10 Point yang wajib anda coba untuk meningkatkakn produktifitas anda di tempat kerja.

Kerja Lembur

Jangan Biasakan Multitasking

We examine how multitasking affects performance. We also examine whether individuals optimally choose their degree of multitasking or whether they perform better under an externally imposed schedule. Subjects in our experiment perform two different tasks according to one of three treatments: one where they perform the tasks sequentially, one where they are forced to multitask, and one where they can freely organize their work. Subjects who are forced to multitask perform significantly worse than those forced to work sequentially. Surprisingly, subjects who can freely organize their own schedule also perform significantly worse. These results suggest that scheduling is a significant determinant of productivity. Finally, our results do not support the stereotype that women are better at multitasking. Women suffer as much as men when forced to multitask and are actually less inclined to multitask when being free to choose.

Belajarlah untuk mengatakan "Tidak"

Scholarship is required for promotion at many academic institutions, and academic physicians have a multitude of competing demands on their time. This article reviews strategies for organizing time, focusing on scholarly tasks, increasing scholarly productivity, and avoiding distractions.

Luangkan Waktu untuk Merenung

You schedule time to work.
You make time to go grocery shopping.
Even during the busiest times of the year, you manage to find time to watch television.
Everything you do has found its way into your daily routine, from getting dressed to eating dinner.

Berjalan Kaki

You probably reach for sugar or coffee when you need to wake up your brain and get focused. Find out why research suggests that what you need is...a walk!

Istirahat Cukup

Spaniards have the midday siesta, of course, but have been labelled less productive than other Europeans.

Cobalah untuk bekerja secara "Sprints"

They’re not just for software development.


Make To Do List


Avoid Interuption


Life Balance