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3d Printing Supplies

About ZYLtech | ZYLtech Engineering LLC

ZYLtech Engineering is a Houston, Texas Based Business. We Were End-Users Before We Were Manufacturers.

Micro Swiss Plated Resistant Nozzles

Upgrade your nozzle to these genuine Micro Swiss plated resistant nozzle on your GearRev Kinematics 3d printer for a better and more reliable printing experienc

Micro Center - Computers and Electronics
  • Thousands of products to buy: desktops, laptops, monitors, build your own PC parts, upgrades, digital imaging, printing supplies, portable devices, audio equipment, software, video games, movies, tech books, plus repair service, store hours, directions, and employment opportunities.
Specialty Filament has looked high and low for quality filament sources that we could count on to make our MakerGeeks brand of filament... we finally found the best

Filastruder Kit

Out of stock, ~1 week lead time. Free domestic shipping, $60 internationally. Includes 1lb of ABS plastic (PA757 resin) for free! Are you frustrated with the hi

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide | Simplify3D Software

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide This guide is a great place to start if you are trying to improve the quality of your 3D printed parts. We have compiled an extensive list of the most common 3D printing issues along with the software settings that you can use to solve them.

VECTARY | Create, Share and Customize 3D Models Online

Free, browser-based 3D modeling tool and sharing platform.

RepRapRingtone - rtttl to gcode

Convert rtttl ringtones to gcode for playback on 3D printers

Plays a music at the end of a print - 3D Modular Systems

Requirements: IIt is possible to play some music (8bits) at the end of your prints in the following cases: If you have a LCD display with a Buzzer If you electronic board supports an audio output If your firmware supports M300 commands (Marlin, Repetier) How does it work? It is possible to  generate a certain amount of Audio …

Multi pack 18mm Rotary BLADES for OLFA / Fiskars / True Cut brand cutters - excellent quality SK-7 steel - Rotary Cut...

18mm Rotary Blades in bulk package of 20, 50, or 100 blades

For OLFA / Fiskars / TRUE CUT brand cutters, also works with most generic cutters

18mm is smallest rotary blade for detailed cuts of fabric. This blade is super sharp right

Using 3D printing to build a better paperclip, the Infinite Clip

We wanted to make something beautiful and fun for Thingiverse. You know how people have tried to build a better mouse trap? We”re trying to build a better paperclip, using 3D printing. The p…

3D Scanning with an XBox 360 Kinect

We've been toying around with different ideas on how to create your own 3d scanning device, so we've been trying to create one with an Xbox 360 Kinect. It does scan, but not very well...maybe the software we've tried hasn't been the best, but so far we've tried Skanect, Reconstructme, David, and one other one that does 'selfies'.

How to make a 3D scanner from an Xbox 360 Kinect - TechwareLabs

How many times have you sat there and thought about getting a 3D Scanner? If you are in to 3D printing then it’s probably a lot. If you go online and look for a 3D scanner you will find a lot of them with extremely high price tags. From $120 - $32,000. Seems a bit crazy on the high end but you are paying for the resolution. The idea behind a 3D scanner is that you use a laser that bounces back to a camera to tell it the contours of the model. Well what does a Kinect do? It scans a body for motion tracking using lasers and a camera. BINGO, there is a 3D scanner waiting to be used.

Vacuum Former by jonny

This is a vacuum forming machine that you can print. Which allows you to make a mold of your 3d printed object. I hope you like this and make one, you'll be able to pour chocolate in your mold or other things like urethane.

I'm designer for shapeways here:

Branding Instructions

Traditional Wood Handle: The handle is threaded but the tips are not, you should be able to press fit the open end of your new tip snuggly over the threaded end

Make a Custom Bic Brander

In this Instructable I will show you how to 3D print your very own custom Branding Iron that snaps onto a Bic lighter!You don't need a 3D printer, just an image, an...

Make a Custom Bic Monogram Branding Iron Tool

This step by step tutorial of how to make a custom Bic monogram branding tool is perfect for artists, crafters and do it yourself kind of people to trademark their work.