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4 interesting facts about Slimming Corset

If you plan to use a corset, you have to read this list that will be very important to you.


What exactly is the corset to lose weight?

What exactly is the corset to lose weight?

The corset is a lingerie garment, which for many centuries was also a fashion item. Currently it is not usually used as a garment, but if it is used** to mold the figure **at home or even in some cases, under clothing. This garment molds the figure through the pressure exerted by its structure on the abdomen achieved through the regulation of strings or fastening systems located at the back of the garment.


Benefits of using the corset to lose weight

Using this type of garment, can help us to shape the figure and recover a somewhat curved line.
It is advisable to use it for a short time after pregnancy, to help the body to resume its figure and return the flaccid skin to its site. It is essential to use this type of garment only in a specific way (a few hours a day) and for a short period of time (approximately two weeks)
Of course, the** use of this garment increases its effectiveness** if combined with a personalized and balanced diet and some exercises to strengthen the abdomen.


Risks of using the corset to lose weight

The prolonged use of this garment, can cause many problems in the body. One of them are breathing problems, by pressing the diaphragm continuously we can feel shortness of breath at some point if we abuse the corset.
In addition to this, their continued use can displace organs in such a way that the consequences for our health are chronic diseases or malfunction of these organs.
The corset** can also deform muscles**, leaving some of them atrophic and causing certain movements to be very painful, also clogging blood flow and causing serious circulation problems.


Moderate use of corset

This garment like almost anything in life, depends on its use.
If you use corset at a specific time (such as after a birth) and responsibly do not have to pose any problem for your health.
On the contrary, if you abuse its use, the consequences can be the least significant for your body.