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Updated by Jayden Coleman on Sep 20, 2017
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8 keys to success for a nonprofit crowdfunding campaign

Would you like to embark on a participatory fundraising campaign? Then this article is for you! Summarizing keys of success for a successful crowdfunding campaign for the non-profit sector.


The availability

A crowdfunding campaign takes time: you need a dedicated resource for the entire campaign duration!
Yes, it takes time for a successful crowd fundraising campaign. We must prepare it upstream, communicate all along its duration and thank everyone afterwards. Once the campaign is online, we estimate that it takes an average of 1 hour per day to manage it. As you say, "time is money", for a crowdfunding campaign it's the same thing: the time spent on the campaign will allow you to raise more money to support your cause.
Tip: in order not to be overwhelmed once the campaign is launched, reach out to your close network, who will be able to participate from the first day.


Uncompromising motivation

To succeed in a crowdfunding campaign, you have to be convinced of the benefits of crowdfunding and decide to succeed, at all costs. So whatever happens, do not give up! And if, even so, you feel the desire to give up, talk to your team or anyone who will be happy to re-motivate you!


Define a Reasonable Goal

Non-profit crowdfunding is both a cross-country race and a sprint.
Do not aim too high for you might risk breathlessness: better is a good bonus than nothing!
For a majority of the crowdfunding platforms, it is the all or nothing law, that is to say that the objective set before the launch of the campaign must be reached - or surpassed of course - to receive the funds raised. So, be careful! It is better to put the minimum objective necessary to set up your project rather than running the risk of missing a sum of money that could be useful to you to realize your project.


The master word: ‘creativity’

And yes, you are unfortunately not alone in running a fundraising campaign, there are, every day, every month, more and more of similar campaigns uploaded on a number of crowdfunding platforms. How do you then stand out?
It all comes down to your creativity! What better than a little imagination or wit to arouse the interest of a potential donors?


Be a good communicator.

Enthusiasm and good communication is CAPITAL to succeed in all your fundraising campaigns. You will need to mobilize your network (friends, families, neighbors, locals, customers, etc.). You need to explain what crowdfunding is all over your network, so that they are fully equipped to support you. Do not be afraid to experiment, use humor and your creativity to involve, arouse interest and make your network act! Bring to life your crowdfunding campaign and you will see that the interest in it will be increased tenfold.


Do you know and have mastery over certain social networks? Bingo!

Promotions of your crowdfunding campaign will go through different channels of communication. Orally? Everything is fine. E-mails and sms? Too easy! Social networks? It gets complicated!
Even if you are not particularly comfortable with these new networks, I reassure you, everything can be learned and it will be just the occasion. You must have people close to you who will be able to teach you the fundamentals of the social networks, Facebook being for us the main one. Social networks are today an indispensable way to share a project, photos, news ... and therefore to succeed in a non-profit’s fundraising objectives.


Bring your contributors into the entrepreneurial adventure you are experiencing!

The purpose of a crowdfunding campaign is to mobilize your entire community around your project. Integrate your contributors into this crazy adventure, keep them informed of the progress of your project and let them feel that they have a privileged place. Keep in mind that a crowdfunding campaign is an exchange between you and your community: your contributors take the time (and money!) to read your project page, support you, share on social networks, so the least is to grant them a special status such as a "Dream Team"


Share your story!

Beyond the presentation of your project, it is necessary that one feels on reading your project page your state of mind, your personality and your authenticity. Contributors want to help with a project, but they want to express their support to a person who has the energy and the desire to put together a project that will bring about a meaningful contribution to all those associated with it. Do not hesitate to include anecdotes, references, etc ... which will allow unknown persons to come unconsciously to you, whether through your philosophy of life, your state of mind or just a similar journey. This is the way to have a successful participatory fundraising campaign!

►With all these elements in mind, you can now embark on the adventure of crowdfunding and lead your campaign brilliantly. Visit to learn more!