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Office 365 Intranet Solution

BizPortals 365 intranet built on Office 365 to manage your entire organization anytime anywhere. A simple way to connect, manage and collaborate your business. Benefit of Bizportals intranet is user friendly user interface which help every employee to easily understand the product and its functionality.

Turnkey Intranet for Office 365 and SharePoint – BizPortals 365

BizPortals365 is a comprehensive, ready-to-go intranet and digital workplace solution for Office 365 and SharePoint. Better organize and manage business!

7 Ways an Office 365 Intranet Helps your Small Business - TechSling Weblog

Small businesses operate in the same fast-paced and competitive environment as their larger counterparts do, but they work with limited resources of funds and manpower, and initially this may not even be a problem because they have a small dedicated team of employees, excellent communication, a manageable number of projects, and a few achievable, short-term goals of winning a stable position in the market, bringing more and more customers and improving the bottom-line. 

Best Ways to Use HR Intranet Portal for Human Resources Functions

BizPortals 365 provides Employee Center, which is a built-in hub for HR staff to organize and store contents regarding benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, profit sharing, vacation policies and holiday calendar.


Automate Time-consuming Processes with BizPortals 365

Automate Time-consuming Processes with BizPortals 365

Don't you wish you could increase productivity without putting in extra hours of work? Well, with the automation features of an Office 365 intranet like BizPortals 365, you can!


A Simple & Robust Intranet to Increase your Efficiency

A Simple & Robust Intranet to Increase your Efficiency

Non-profits, like any other business, need the tools to work efficiently. BizPortals 365, an Office 365 intranet, perfectly accommodates their needs with its robust features like easy publishing, digital forms, document approvals and project reports.


Robust IT Help Desk Management with BizPortals 365

Robust IT Help Desk Management with BizPortals 365

Spending too much money on your Help Desk subscription? Chuck it and get BizPortals 365 instead. You will get to enjoy all the great benefits of an intranet in addition to having access to IT Help Desk features for a price you will love!

Bootstrap Business: 5 Ways To Boost Internal Communication Using Company Intranet

Improving internal communication is a highly effective way to take your business to the next level, but it requires proper utilization of a company intranet software within the organization. But before giving a thought to intranet, you should solidify your goals because your goals may vary from other organizations.


How Document Approvals work in BizPortals 365

How Document Approvals work in BizPortals 365

Document approvals, when not automated, are the most time consuming activity for most companies because they require approvals before most activities can commence. Documents like project plans, technical specifications, marketing initiatives, sales contracts, on-boarding processes, insurance claim processes, etc. need to be approved, and the manual system takes way too long, is error prone and is labor intensive.

With an automated document approval system in place, a user just has to initiate the approval. The document automatically routes to the specified approvers, notifications are sent for delays and an activity log is maintained for reference. It saves time, money and results in accountability and better productivity.

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Elevate your business performance with a modern intranet solution on Office 365

Elevate your business performance with a modern intranet solution on Office 365

Every company is unique in context to business objectives, culture, goals, strategies, business processes, and requirements. A modern intranet is effective only when it is developed considering the needs of users and the business. It should enable the employees to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and accomplish work. The most important components of an intranet are:

· On the cloud, which means it goes where you go.

· Mirror the workplace and be a place where work is accomplished.

· Leverage its collaboration tools to provide these social features.

· Offers a great user experience and provides ways to automate tasks and processes.

· Brings all your business processes like email, document authoring, forms processing, etc. in one central location.

· It should be easy to adopt and maintain, and less requirement of technical skills.


9 Undeniable Benefits of an Intranet and Their Business Implications

9 Undeniable Benefits of an Intranet and Their Business Implications

An intranet on Office 365 is built on the SharePoint framework and integrates well with the Office 365 tools, and contribute to the accomplishment of company goals in a significant manner. Here is a list of nine benefits of intranet:

• Save hardware and software costs, space and utility costs, as an Office 365 intranet is a cloud-based solution. No server installation, no software purchase, no upfront capital expenditure.
• Ready-to-go solution. Get started in minutes
• No specific knowledge IT required
• High-level security ensured with Microsoft
• Greater scalability
• You pay as you go and can scale your subscription up or down depending on your needs
• Product improvements favor the cloud
• Facilitates collaboration and communication
• Supports remote work