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What are the Fastest Cars in the World?

Wondering what are the fastest cars in the world? From Bugatti's Chiron to Saleen S7, here is the list of the fastest supercars in the world.

Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Top Speed: 248 mph

The advanced version of the original S7, the Twin Turbo is a legend among people who admire performance and the reasons galore. Whether you talk about its exotic style and thrilling performance or its magnificent tuning potential, the car amazes and astonishes in every way. Reaching 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, it kicks off our list of the fastest cars in the world.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Top Speed: 256 mph

There was once a time when people who asked “which is the fastest car in the world” were replied with a name they had never heard before. In 2007, there was 'Ultimate Aero' by SSC which touched the speed of 256 mph to beat the earlier versions of Veyron. Since the car lacks electronic driver aids, car freaks believe it offers an even purer driving experience for those who have the talent for it and are willing to take the risk.

Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Top Speed: 258 mph

Before its successor hit the market, Bugatti Veyron was the name on every adrenaline charged person's lip which had enough money to buy a supercar. With 1200 horsepower and maximum torque of 1500 Nm, the car can zap to the speed of 60 miles per hour in just about 2.5 seconds. Its unique technology and remarkable design still make it the hot favorite among several automobile enthusiasts.

Bugatti Chiron

With 16-cylinder W configuration 1500 horsepower engine, the supercar achieved 25 percent higher performance as compared to its predecessor. Click here to know more