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Updated by Victoria on Aug 31, 2017
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How to Flirt with a Girl?

Do you have trouble flirting with the girl you like and often come out as desperate or creepy? Well, here are some tips that can help.

Give Compliments, The Right Way

When you like a girl, you notice everything about her, from her hair and dress to her makeup. If there’s something that you find changed or new about her, do not hesitate to compliment her on it. Also, you do not want to be just another guy who complimented her for her new look, so try to make the praises a little personal and memorable, without crossing over the line to creepy

Let Your Body Do The Talking

Do not believe anyone who says you can’t hack into your body language. In case you are a little hesitant to tell the girl that you are interested, then let your body show her that you are lured to her. Make eye contact, be casual and confident, and always remember to smile.

Make Her Laugh

Good sense of humor can come in handy, especially when having a conversation with a girl you like. Even if you are not a witty guy, remember to grin along with her so she knows she is having a good time with you. Remember to stay cheerful and positive, and always try to see the bright side of things.

Spend Alone Time

You do not want to be just one of her friends who make her laugh. Also, flirting with her in a group of friends will not leave any lasting impression. Flirt with her when people are around but save your best compliments and humor when it’s just you two.

Get Touchy

Be bold but also courteous at the same time, and do not shy away from getting touchy. Whether you like her new earrings or the luster of her hair, the reason would suffice to get a little touchy.