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Some of the Must visit Historical Sites in Tianjin – A City that's a Marvel on its Own

Tianjin is a marvellous city that is so full of history & past glories that it is a treat to explore. Aptly dubbed one of China's most versatile city's here is why you should explore Tianjin.


Check Out the Dule temple

This is, without a doubt, a day trip; a very satisfying one for that matter. Over a 1,000 years old this structure is an architectural sensation. Consisting of a complex collection of grand structures the temple is home to the country's oldest multi-storied wooden pavilion and cherishes one of Chinas largest clay statues of the Buddha. The temple is a little over an hour's drive from Somerset Youyi Tianjin, located in the financial hub of the city; but as mentioned before it is a rewarding day trip that promises one a wealth of experiences.


Wanghailou Church

This is a Catholic Church that was erected by the French during their occupation of the area in the 18th century. The name translates to 'sea view tower'; it's located along the eastern banks of the Haihe River quite close to the Shizilin Bridge. The Boxer Rebellion ensured the church was damaged in an era when factions sought to eradicate foreign religious influences in the country and again during the 1949 Communist riots. It still stands strong though and is well worth a visit.



Jingyuan is the home of Chinas last Emperor, Puyi who hailed from the Qing Dynasty; the last in the country. Puyi who was expelled from the Forbidden City resided at this place until his death. If you are into Chinese history this place is a must visit; plus most of the signs are in English and a guide is not required. Located in the Heping District this place will not disappoint.


Guangdong Guide Hall

Better known as the Tianjin Museum of Drama this hall is a vintage architectural marvel. Easy to reach from the well-located serviced apartments Tianjin offers the tourist, this place was a classical theatre that was constructed in 1907. The place is a treasure trove of antique exhibits that are a reflection of the areas performance history. Go there for displays of vintage stage photos, theatrical programmes, properties and costumes. Guangdong Guide Hall is located in the Nankai district of Tianjin.


Quanye Bazaar Building

This place is a reflection of Tianjin's commercial success. The building the bazaar is housed within has well maintained its European charms and styling's and is therefore ranked as a class A amongst national protected architectural sites. Construction commenced in 1928 on the building that was designed by a French architect and to this day the place manages to impress all who explore its confines.


Shi Family Residence

If you want to see how a merchant family lived in ancient times pay this fascinating place a visit. The Shi Family are known to have been a very affluent family that lived there in the 19th century. The place remains as a testimony to the country's trading spirit before things changed after the revolution of 1949. There are lovely vintage folk houses and spaces that are furnished with period furniture rendering the place a popular site for shooting historical TV dramas. Basically, every little décor, painting and feature from that era are well preserved here and quite a treat to observe.