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Find Student Accommodation in Delhi NCR

Studentacco is a web portal which provides all sorts of accommodations like PG, Hostels, Room on rent, Flats on rent for students and young professionals at affordable rates in Delhi NCR. We have the most authentic and verified accommodation listings, which you can select and filter according to your own preferences. We ensure the safety factor for all the inhabitants, so that our inhabitants don’t get into any hassle.


Tips on How to Deal with Roommates in an Easier Way

Living with some people especially when in college could be fun or messy depending on the roommates you get. There could be many types of roomies — some fun loving, carefree, unhygienic or some with…Read more

Students Searching For Flats In Faridabad Choose To Go Online

Faridabad is gradually emerging as one of the most sought after locations among students pursuing their higher studies. The rising demand for students accommodation has resulted in large numbers of PGs, hostels and rental flats in Faridabad.

5 Horror movies which will turn you into an insomniac for sure!

Horror movies are made to scare the hell out of us. The loud and spooky sounds of the mystery or the complete silence, the best of horror movies have it all. They give us shocks and bring out our worst fears. And know what? We still love them. But what we see these days, is quite not the horror we saw earlier. So, you need to check out these top 5 horror movies, which have the scariest plot twists and will make you jump on the terror ride ASAP:

5 Problems that every PG seeker faces while selecting a PG Accommodation

Are you new in Delhi NCR and seeking a PG accommodation? Well, if it’s not with the help of Studentacco, then be ready to put your time, money and efforts into a blackhole. Read on to know, what problems you might face if you take up PG accommodation

Done with Boards? Now applying at the universities for admission? Don’t fret- Here’s how you can lower your stress le...

Student life is hard! We agree. The whole cycle of exams, entrances, preparations is like an ongoing thing. It seems like that these things don’t have an end, thus leading to continuous stress in life. The cumulative effect of all this is that the student falls into the ‘Stress’ trap. But how to combat this stress and break this vicious cycle? Does anyone know the way out of this? Well, sure shot we know how to tackle stress and help you live a stress free life - Studentacco

College time a.k.a find a roommate who will be your partner in crime!

One day it’s your sweet 16 and the other day it’s not so sweet anymore. Life is no longer about gossip sessions with friends, gully cricket matches and burning paper with a magnifying lens. 12th Board exams and coaching classes are keeping you up at odd hours instead.

Board exams followed by bored exams!

Life is an exam for an average Indian student. Your 10th Board followed by 12th Boards each of these set of exams are followed by what one can call “The Great Depression”. It is too hot to step outside, and on a bad day it is too hot to survive even indoors! TV is dying a slow death thanks to Netflix and Amazn Prime. Then there is that one relative who wants you to forecast how much you are going to score. You in your mind are praying that your forecast of the question paper and the answers are right.  Then there is a  “Sharma ji ka Beta” who always manages to score an absurd percentage!  No doubts there. Over the years, Sharma ji ka beta has become the unit of analysis for intelligence. No matter what you do, Sharma ji ka beta will always be one step ahead of you, miraculously.

Why will College Life be the best phase ever?

Not even a single care in the world, meeting new people, making memories that you literally can’t share with just any bunch – College Life is the best phase of life. Here we are reminiscing the best of our days, jaha time kaha jata tha pata hi nhi chlta tha (only with the friends :p)

Roommate:TRUE MATE

Your college life is the most important 3 years that will shape you and train you for the world. It all begins with college admission followed by a new wardrobe and stationary. Then comes the most crucial moment of your life. Finding a PG near college! The shared accommodation has to be the perfect location, kind of like Sheldon’s spot on the couch.


If you are a history-enthusiast and have sheer interest in museums, then make sure to visit these top 4 museums in Delhi, which will give you the best historical insights:

Why Studentacco is your go-to option for renting any accommodation in Delhi NCR?

Many a times, brokers don’t get you the type of accommodation that they promise to, yet charge a lot of brokerage instead. When it comes to getting a cost worthy accommodation, which is reliable too, we have one of the best sites available on the internet to find Paying guest room in Delhi NCR – Studentacco. We are a simple platform with ample amount of options to choose from for any PG, flats, Student accommodation etc., which are fully authentic in nature. There is no requirement for those daunting house-tours as with Studentacco, you can choose your accommodation just with a simple click. Anyone can simply enter their preferences and can find the most suitable PG options for themselves. All you need to do is enter the place where you desire an accommodation at – filter your research according to your requirements.

Renting A Flat In Faridabad? Read These Important Tips

Faridabad is so far the safest of all other NCR regions. It is great if you are aiming for admission at one of the many reputed institutions in the city. A yet another delight is that the rental rates in the city are also much less compared to those of its neighboring cities.

Why Delhi is the most sorted option for your PG-Stay?

Living in Delhi is a charming experience no matter how much you are bothered with its traffic or pollution. The city is a dream destination especially for college goers who want to live life to the fullest. But the biggest challenge is finding a suitable accommodation here. It is not due to scarcity but the huge diversity of options that baffles our minds.

Student House in Delhi: How to find one that fits the bill?

An ever changing place with the same vibes - Delhi is one of the obvious choices for outstation students planning their higher studies. While getting admission in DU is a great achievement there is this big challenge of finding a home that haunts you next. Isn’t that true? Fortunately, our capital city is flooded with variety of accommodation options so finding rooms for rent isn’t that difficult. From PGs and hostels to rental flats you have all types of properties available here almost at every location. But ideally you should look for options near your institution as it will save your valuable time.

Top 4 Adventurous Places near Delhi to have fun at!!

To the point: Are you seeking some sort of adventure in and around Delhi, well then we have just the thing for you. Top 4 locations where you can explore your adventurous side –

Top 4 Adventurous Places near Delhi to have fun at!!

To the point: Are you seeking some sort of adventure in and around Delhi, well then we have just the thing for you. Top 4 locations where you can explore your adventurous side –

Common problems while finding a flat on rent in Delhi NCR

Delhi, a metropolitan city likewise known as the cosmopolitan center point of India. It has developed exponentially, with the ascent of the IT and Management industry in the current years. People from India, as well as individuals from different nations come to Delhi on official purposes and tend to remain for a long stretch.

What our parents say VS What they really mean?

Indian parents are smart, witty, funny and sure shot sarcastic. Here are the 4 takes on What our parents say VS What they really mean? –

Delhi’s best joints to eat kebabs at!

To all the kebab lovers out there, here we have listed some of the best Kebab joints found in New Delhi at the best possible rates. Don’t wait up and just visit these joints ASAP to chomp on the best Kebabs EVERRRRRRR….

Drives under 6 Hours to take from Delhi

The climate is ideal for an excursion; You are super bored with your routine and recently you watched Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara!

A quick guide to identify an ideal PG in Delhi

Moving to a new city is never easy. Most people step out of their native place to seek better career opportunities in the alien city. It is indeed a daunting task to move out of your comfort zone and live an independent life in the new city.

Are you planning to book a Paying guest room in Delhi? Look for these factors…

One can easily write a nonfiction book on his/her experience as a tenant in Delhi. From pleasant to unpleasant (less pleasant, more unpleasant) – all types of memories can fill up the book and offer you a great read. But there’s a huge difference in reading someone’s story and experiencing the same.

Finding Flats/Apartments for Rent in Delhi NCR: Why Students Should Go Online?: teamstudentacco

House search in Delhi is a tedious task. And if you are an outstation student searching for a short-term stay, the city puts you in real test. For Flats/Apartments for Rent in Delhi NCR , the options are endless. But once you step out it becomes difficult to figure out which is the most convenient,…