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Professor Today – The Source of Subject Knowledge

Efforts to develop critical thinking falter in practice because too many professors still lecture to passive Audiences instead of challenging students & More.

Sales Plan Presentation | Concept & Methods of Sales Plan Presentation

Sales Plan Presentation Suitable question enhance the value of presentation. We have to Handle the objection skillfully, and can also convent them into.

Social learning Theory | Model | Explanation | Concept | Professor Today

Social learning theory combines and integrates With behaviouristic andcognitive concepts and emphasizes nature of cognitive environmental can also learn by.

What is Sales Management? Definiation of Sales Management | Professor Today

"Sales Management is the planning,direction and control of the personal selling activities of a business unit including recruiting, selecting, training.Sales are the life lines of business. sales organisation is part and place of a business firm.A sales organisation is like a power station sending out energy, which is devoted to the Advertising and selling of particular lines; and there is a tremendous waste of energy between the power station and the points where it reaches the consumers. therefore, there arises the necessity of organizing the sales department.

Better Classroom Management Tips | How to deal with the Situation For better Classroom

Better Classroom Management : In Examination, there are questions about class indiscipline and how to deal with the situation.
In Examination, there are questions about class indiscipline and how to deal with the situation. There are number of things a Teacher must keep in mind when dealing with students who do not behave in a disciplined manner in the class. There is a basic rule that the teacher must consider that he or she does not hurt them physically or emotionally. This would prove psychologically harmful to the student, and our purpose is surely not to harm them but to modify their behavior as individuals.
Punishments, if any, should be seen as reasonable and fair, and never vicious. The ability to control a group of students depends on the personality of the teacher and also the rapport that he or she develops with them. There are some to be kept in mind.
Immediate Action: if the students indulge in deviant behavior, the research must take instant action and not allow it to persist for a long time. If a student is coming late to school repeatedly, the research, the teacher should speak to the student immediately after the class.
Stop teaching in case of misbehavior: stop teaching whenever the students disrupt the class; the teacher must stop teaching and should tell the students to stops teaching it is clear that the teacher means business and will not tolerate misbehavior in the class.
Change seats: if few students disrupt the class, change their seats. Separating the quite effective in controlling indiscipline.
Adapt and be Sensitive: In case the entire class is gradually getting out of control, then it’s a signal that the activity is boring; the best way of controlling them is by changing the activity, for example, if they are reading, immediately switch over to a writing task which would keep them all quite and involved. The teacher must learn to adapt and be sensitive to the mood of the class.
Counsel After class: one of the most effective ways of tacking a student is by giving explaining the anti-social behavior to the student and giving them an opportunity to beneficial in sorting out many issues. The sequences of not improving.ProfessorToday

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities | The basic Aim of Sales Manager | Professor Today

Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities- The basic aim of sales manager is to promote sales and contribute to the profit sales a concern on one hand and satisfaction to consumers on the other. Profits through satisfaction are the key to the success. In the light of these, he is to perform certain duties. Learn More.

Principles of Teaching | Concept of General Principles Teaching Method

Principles of Teaching They are closely related to maxims. In Simple Words Teaching method are based on two types of principles: General principles.Learn More

Reasons to Study Organizational Behavior | Professor Today

Reasons to Study Organizational behavior is concerned with the behavior of individuals and groups. It is an exciting field of study which can help the managers in effective handling of human resources for the realization of organization goals. Following are the reasons of studying organizational behavior

Role of Organizational behavior in Management & Business

Role of Organizational behavior (OB) is the study of the way people interact within groups. Normally this study is applied.The central idea of the study of organizational behavior is that a scientific approach can be applied to the management of workers.

What is Motivation? Meaning ,Characteristics & Explanation

What is Motivation:- The term motivation has been derived from the world ‘motive’. Motives may be defined as drives or impulses.Motives are expressions of a person’s need or wants and hence they are personal or internal desire. Motives or needs start and maintain activity and determine the behavior of an individual.

Scope of Organizational Behavior & Organizational Culture

Scope of Organizational Behavior It is relatively a new discipline which has distinct area of expertise. Organizational behavior studies.The behavior of individuals and groups and the impact of structural design on the behavior of individuals and groups are the major concern of organization behavior.
The managers in the organization must have knowledge of all these to make the organization work more effectively. Organizational behavior is concerned with understanding and describing human behavior in an organization.