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"Big Things" in Australia

The Big things (or "great things") are present on giant sculptures throughout Australia! There are about 150 scattered in the country. New South Wales (NSW) is the capital of the Big things as it brings together 1/3 of the national total, about fifty. These oversized representations testify to the love of the excesses of the Australians. They have been created to attract .Read More


The best markets in Sydney

There are a multitude of markets in Sydney. Whether you are looking for seasonal or even organic fruit and vegetables, vintage clothing, art objects, gadgets or souvenirs for your loved ones; you will surely find your happiness among this selection of the best markets in Sydney.Read More


Bons plans pour économiserenAustralie

Voyager enAustraliepeutvitecoûtertrèschersi on ne fait pas attention. Pourtant, avec quelquesbons plans, ildevient facile d’économiser sur les billets d’avion; la nourriture; le logement; les transports; l’essence et toutessortesd’objets du quotidien. Maisn’oubliez pas que le bouche à oreille et les relations restent les meilleursmoyens pour connaître les astuces et ainsidépenser le moins possible pendant votrevoyage !
Billets d’avion
• Achetezvos billets à l’avance: pour profiter des meilleurs prix, achetezvos billets 6 mois à l’avance
• Soyez flexible dans les dates: les prix peuventêtre beaucoup plus intéressants à 1 ou 2 joursd’intervalle
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View kangaroos in France

n the small town of Possonnière near Angers, you will stroll through an 8-hectare park among a hundred wallabies of Bennett who lives there in complete freedom. Bread is distributed at the reception to attract them and you will surely even have the chance to caress themRead More


Easter in Australia

In Australia, the Easter celebrations are very important (much more so than in France), although they are rather celebrated by tradition than by religious commemoration. Like us, Australians eat a lot of chocolate during this period but some customs of the Anglo-Saxon culture differ somewhat from our own.Read More


Unusual Accommodations in Australia

What could be more exotic than sleeping in the rainforest ?! This is what you get The rainforest canopy treehouses and wildlife sanctuary located along the river Ithaca, 1h30 drive from Cairns. You can choose between several cabins perched in the trees. They are all very cozy and equipped with huge windows allowing you to admire the surrounding wilderness. Each house has two bedrooms; a kitchen; a hot tub; a barbecue and a balcony on which climb the possums. The hosts are very hospitable and will give you valuable advice on activities to do, waterfalls and natural beauty to discover and the exceptional flora and fauna surrounding these eco-friendly accommodations.Read More


Brisbane's must-sees

Capital of the State of Queensland and 3 rdThe most populous city in Australia with nearly 2.5 million inhabitants, Brisbane is located 920km north of Sydney. Long considered a great provincial city without much interest, its recent economic development and its sunny climate (more than 300 days of sunshine a year!) Have elevated it to the ranks of the most attractive cities in the country. Its main attraction, the Brisbane River makes its singularity. But the city has many other assets such as its lush green spaces, its abundant artistic and cultural life and its superb historical heritage. You can also highlight the ideal location close to the famous Gold Coast, the relaxed lifestyle and the exceptional hospitality of its inhabitants. Discover the unmissable sites of this city where it is decidedly good to liveRead More


Do you speak the Australian slang?

While in Australia we speak English well, pronunciation of words, vocabulary and phrases are not the same as in Britain or the United States. Here are some tips and words to know about a real Australian (or almost ...) and master the aussie slang!
It is often said that the Australian accent is nasal. The ends of words are often eaten. If you are fluent in English, you will understand people in big cities fairly quickly, but things may get tough with Australians living in the bottom of the outback! In a general way :
• the a's are pronounced as i: ei then becomes ai (day is pronounced dai)
• the i spoke oi : ai becomes oi (mine is pronounced Monk)
• the sound - or is pronounced - eah, so you become yeah
• At the end of the words r and g are not pronounced (forever becomes foreva and talking becomes talkin)
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Write an Australian CV

The first step to finding a job in Australia is writing a resume, "resume" in English. Indispensable if you are looking for a job in sales or catering, it will be useless if you want to make fruitpicking or work on a farm. But be careful not only to translate your resume into English because the Australian resume is quite different and includes parts that do not exist in France.Read More


Mobile apps for Australia

The following 3 applications are known instant messaging applications. They can send text and voice messages, photos, videos and documents, make classic and video calls; they offer more or less the same functionality. Some differences for each of them:Read More



It is the largest amusement park in Australia! Organized in several universes, it is located in Coomera in Queensland. It offers many attractions, rides and shows including 9 thrills, 8 for the whole family and 11 for the little ones. You will not be disappointed as Dreamworld brings you some of the biggest and fastest attractions in the worldRead More


Fraser Island, paradise on earth

Fraser Island is a true gem, a wonder of nature. The island is part of the Great Sandy National Parkand attracts between 350,000 and 500,000 tourists each year. It is not for nothing that the island is called "K'gari" by the people Butchulla (the original inhabitants of the island), which means "paradise". Its magnificent landscapes make it an exceptional site classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco since 1992.Read More