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05 things to see in Kandy – A Blast of Culture

Kandy retains the honour of being Sri Lanka's last kingdom; hence the proud city has much to offer in terms of tradition and culture. Read on and experience the legacy of Kandy through top attractions


Visit the Holy Shrine

The most iconic and revered attraction in Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth Relic or Dalada Maligawa. The shrine housed within one half of the former Royal Palace is home to a tooth of the Lord Buddha; venerated since ancient times legend has it that the possessor of the tooth would rule the country. Once a year in August, the relic is paraded in a gilded vessel along the streets of Kandy; proudly carried on the back of an elegantly clad tusker; this procession is called the Esala Perahera; you may want to time your visit to the hill capital in order to view it. The Dalada Maligawa is an important pilgrimage site as well as a tourist attraction with plenty of artefacts pertaining to Buddha and ancient art on display within it holistic confines.


The Kandy Lake

No trip to Kandy is complete without a walk along the salubrious climes of Kandy Lake. An icon that defines Kandy across the country the Lake sits in front of the Palace which is also the Dalada Maligawa. From the palace grounds, there is an underground tunnel to an enclosed pool within the lake; this is believed to have been the queens bathing spot which she accessed surreptitiously via the tunnel with her handmaids. Kandy Lake is deemed sacred hence no fishing is allowed, but you can feed popcorn to the hundreds of fish that thrive there. Boat rides are also available although many enjoy the simple pleasures of a relaxing walk along the Lakes edge. Accommodation in Kandy is often centred around the lake and its hilly neighbourhood. Like those on Yoho Bed, there are plenty of hotels to choose from; these offer budget friendly accommodation that lets you enjoy a city central location without being too expensive.


Degal Doruwa Raja Maha Viharaya

This is a vintage treasure tucked away in the hill capitals verdant suburbs. Degal Doruwa is a temple located within a cave made up of huge boulders. Constructed in the 18th century the shrine is unique since the interior walls and ceiling of the cave are covered in murals. Although faded over time these are fine examples of art from the Kandyan era; they depict stories of the Buddha's many lives better known as Jathaka Katha.


The Sri Dalada Museum

The museum occupies the other half of the royal palace presiding in front of the Kandy Lake. The museum houses a number of gifts donated by foreign presidents, visiting foreign dignitaries and Buddhist leaders from around the World.


Ceylon Tea Museum

This museum is located within an antique tea factory built in 1925; the Hantana Tea Factory. Located about 5kms from the city centre the building which had fallen to ruin over the years has been restored to display vintage machinery and exhibits pertaining to James Taylor a pioneer in Sri Lanka's tea industry.

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