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Artificial Limbs

Encouraging Artificial Limbs Manufacturing India

Artificial limbs (or prostheses) are one of the most effective means of bringing mobility to amputees. They are as close as we can get to replicate the actual organs. These mechanical limbs were designed to restore normal function to someone who had lost a limb.

How To Select The Right Braille Shorthand Machine By CRECSO

Disability is today no reason to hesitate in performing any function. A number of people with disabilities today are living a full life, working and being part of a productive society. But that is not all.

Why people use Braille slate?

The top part of the slate includes rectangular openings rows corresponding to individual Braille cells that direct the stylus. The bottom part includes indentation rows arranged in cells that allow stylus to emboss dots on paper sheet.

For what purpose lower limb orthotics are designed?

The specialist external devices, namely lower limb orthotics are designed by professionals for use in specific areas of lower limb to correct an abnormal alignment. There are multiple devices for different alignment fixing requirement.

Importance of Your Time and Love for Aging Parents

You don’t remember about the period when you only had to eat, shit, and sleep. Your parents cleaned all your mess and made you independent in a way that today, you can take care of yourself. But when you were growing, they were also growing old; you may have not notice this fact yet!

Causes of Hearing Loss - How Hearing Aid Device Helps?

Sometimes hearing loss happens due to age-related changes in the ear. When you turn older, the outer part of the ear canal thins and earwax gets drier and stickier. This creates the high risk of impacted wax.

How Many Types of Personal Sound Amplifying Products Available in Market?

PSAP or personal sound amplifying products are useful devices that can be used as alternative to hearing aids. PSAP devices work well when hearing aids don’t. Manufacturers having pocket size hearing aid devices also stock PSAP devices for needy ones.

Physically Disabled Can Become More Active Using Orthotics

Enhanced mobility with lower limb orthotics and other devices can help physically challenged patients to walk on their feet. These devices boost physical activity and ultimately bring multiple health benefits to the patients...

The Top 10 Ways to Cure a Sore Throat

Tender throats really are a frequent current expression of many conditions, including colds, the particular flu, and also sinus and also respiratory system attacks...

Is It A Great Thing To Choose Between Technology And Braille?

Manufacturers of Braille slate and other related products intended this post with a thought to share what they think about choosing between technology and Braille. You really don't have to choose! Braille technology...