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Updated by Veronica Delacruz on Aug 29, 2017
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Great Reasons to Visit Mecca

Mecca is a city in Hejaz, the capital city of the province in Saudi Arabia, the Makkah. As a Muslim, I wished to explore the integrities of this holy land, as it is said in the holy books that it is a duty of every Muslim to visit Mecca, during the Haji period at the 12th Muslim lunar month. Mecca tourism flourishes owing to this religious faith in people.




1. Holiness:
Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in Ismal and a pilgrimage to it is made obligatory for every Muslim. More than 15 million Muslims visit the place annually. The city is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and is open only for Muslims performing Hajj or Umrah, which translates into pilgrimage in English. You may create your plan using itinerary planner for holiday.

2. Hajj:
The holy Hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca and since childhood days we were told that we must visit the place at least once in our life time if we were able to afford it. The pilgrimage varies on different dates every year based on the lunar calendar. There is a special mosque with a central building in Mecca, known to have built by Abraham around 2000 BC. One unique Mecca tourist information about this place is that people walk counter clock wise around it at peak times for 7 times. During the Hajj period there are at least 2 million people walking around it and kiss a black stone in the corner, perhaps an age old meteorite.
3. Monuments:**
The Grand Mosque otherwise known as the Masjid Al Haram is by far the largest mosque in the entire world, I was totally amazed to watch the grand architecture and it could accommodate about 1.2 million people at a time. This is one of the great 5 reasons to visit Mecca. The mosque has the ZamZam well which is filled with holy water and is believed to have been generated by God. There is also a resemblance of a house in heaven in the form of a cubical structure built by Ibrahim.

4. Tours and travels:
Trips are available in Mecca with government’s permission to visit the Al Kiswah Factory. The Drape of Kaaba knows as Kiswah and is a pure black silk adorned with gold embroidery. This kiswah is cut into pieces and given to pilgrims as a memento. This tour allows us to watch how this kiswah is been made. Only specific tour companies and Mecca travel guides are proficient in making arrangements for this visit.

5. Historical mountains:
The Thour Mountain is one significant site in Mecca and has the Thour caves in which Muhammad, the prophet and his companions spent three days before they could flee to Mecca. Yet another range is the Al Nour Mountain and has the Hire cave where Prophet Muhammad prayed often before he became God’s messenger.

Numerous mosques line the city that is directly connected with Prophet Muhammad in Mecca. This is definitely a holy place for the Muslims and Mecca travel guides play a definite role in clearly delineating the holy path for the pilgrims.