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List of Local Culinary Specialities you can find in Makati – Lesser Known Awesome Tastes

Philippine cuisine may not be renowned across the world, but it is totally awesome as visitors to Makati will discover. Read on and enhance your foodie experience of this marvellous archipelago.



The most staple of all Filipino food Adobo is ironically Mexican in origin. The dish evolved when locals found the benefits of cooking chicken, pork and others in garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper, soy sauce and more exotic spices. The unique cooking style extends to seafood as well and is best sampled at a local home although the famous lamb adobo is best tried at one of the local restaurants.



A well-established party favourite, Lechon is a whole pig roasted on a spit. It is so well done that the skin becomes a delicious crispy crust to be eaten with liver gravy; the most gourmet accent of the meal. In other provinces such as Cebu, the pig roasted over hot coals is stuffed with herbs such as pepper, star anise, spring onions, lemon grass and laurel leaves. This well-seasoned Lechon is so full of flavour that the sauce is omitted. Just 30 minutes from the Berjaya Makati Philippines Hotel is Perez Street home to Elars Lechon which is tipped to serve the best of this dish in Manila.



Sisig goes to show that in the Philippines nothing is wasted; Sisig is made from the pigs head, liver and cheeks. It is a sizzling dish that offers a chewy and crunchy feel that goes pretty well with a glass of chilled brew. Aling Lucing was the inventor of this humble but now extremely popular dish that is often served with Knorr seasoning and rich sauces. Just about all restaurants in Makati serve this dish but nothing beats the original dished out at Aling Lucing Sisig.


Crispy Pata

If you have never given a second thought to a pork knuckle, do be adventurous and order a portion of Crispy Pata. This dish quite simply and as you may have guessed, is a pork knuckle well simmered, drained of all liquid and then deep fried until very crispy. Inside you will find an extremely tender juicy meat that is enhanced by the crackling outer portion. Crispy Pata is usually served with vinegar, chilli and soy sauce.


Chicken Inasal

Basically a grilled chicken dish this one stands out due to the exotic preparation. Chicken Inasal is made by marinating the meat in lemongrass, pepper, salt, garlic and calamansi; it is also brushed with fragrant achuete oil or annatto seed oil. Every part of the fowl is grilled this includes the drumstick, wing, heart, breast, liver and gizzard. You must eat the chicken with portions of garlic rice and while pouring the orange sauce that is derived from grilling the chicken.

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