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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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List of Things to Consider When Planning a Relaxing Vacation – For a Stress-Free Getaway

A vacation that is supposed to be stress-free can sometimes turn into one that will stress thee! Here are some things to keep in mind which will hopefully lead to a relaxed getaway.


Proper Planning & Research

The more research you do on your destination of choice the better. The place you choose for your vacation may offer wonderful backdrops and experiences, but do keep in mind that there are other factors to take into consideration as well. Check to see what kind of visa requirements and fees that particular destination may require. If you are planning to get about you should also look into available transport options be it public or private and how much they cost. Also, keep in mind that certain attractions have entrance fees and sometimes these charges are higher for foreign nationals.


Set a Common Goal

Be you travelling with a group of friends, your family or your partner, chances are there are going to be different vacation needs. Be it water sports and cultural discoveries at the best hotels & resorts in Malaysia, romantic escapes to the Maldives or family fun at theme and water parks in America, each vacation can vary. If you are the head planner or organiser remember that you have to try to ensure that those going have their vacation expectations met at least to some extent; if not you are going to end up with rather dissatisfied and grumpy travellers that are going to make things far from relaxing!


The Right Accommodation

No matter how wonderful the experiences one may have on a vacation, bad or rather accommodation not meeting your expected standard could prove disastrous. Always look to check your accommodation choices not only for the price, but what they have to offer a well. International chains like Berjaya Hotels & Resorts often have accommodation options at diverse destinations which are helpful; if you have had good experiences at one place you can look to expect the same standard and service at other properties within the chain. Of course, as a rule of thumb check guests and traveller reviews, but don't base your verdict just on a few reviews.


Have a Flexible Schedule

Sometimes one can make a vacation itinerary that is chockfull of activities as well as places to see and other things to do. Remember that a typical vacation is going to have things not going according to schedule be it a delayed flight, sudden tropical storms or someone getting sick. While it is good to have a plan on what you are going to do, have the flexibility to change your schedule or itinerary as well. Also since you are looking to have a relaxing vacation keep a few days for just kicking back and enjoying some serious rest & relaxation!


Pack Right

Carting around too much baggage in between terminals, airports, cabs and hotels can be quite stressful indeed. That's why it is important you pack right and only take with you the things you actually need. Don't over pack and the fewer things you have to carry around the better; it also helps to have extra space to bring back any goodies and souvenirs you buy on vacation too!

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