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Urine Drug Test

Testing a urine sample can be tangled and very expensive. We offer high rebates on Urine Drug Test Cups that are provide accurate results in just five minute.

12 panel drug test cups

Rapid Exams offers MD 12 panel cup (OTC & clia-waived) as well as multiple other well known brands of twelve panel cups, many of which are Clia-Waived.

10 panel drug test

10 panel drug test rapid screen fast results. FDA approved, 99% accurate, negative drug test results in 1 min. positive drug test results in 5 minutes. 8 drugs of abuse test.

Alere iCup drug test screen

The Alere iCup drug screen minimizes urine exposure and tests for up to 13 drugs in one device. icup provides fast reliable results that can be photocopied for result recording, try the iCup A.D. validity.

Multi drug screen test

Multi Drug screen test mixture of Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamines, Morphine, Phencyclidine, Barbiturate, Benzodiazepine, Methadone, Tricyclic , BUP or OXY 10 panel drug test by MD.

MD SalivaScreen 5 panel oral fluid saliva drug test

MD SalivaScreen 5 Panel Drug Test is designed to work at a lower detection level for all test drugs Collect sufficient sample the first time with our saliva saturation indicator.

One Step Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (Bath Salt) Drug of Abuse Test

Instant bath salt dip test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) in human urine specimen at the cut-off level of 1,000ng/mL.

Tox Cup 14 panel drug test cup Clia Waived new low cost $7.99ea.


Urine Adulterant Detection Strips for validity check urine specimen 1.19ea.

The seven parameter adulterant strip assesses the integrity of the urine specimen at the collection site prior to a drug screen. Detection strips checking validity before a drug test procedure.

W154 Clia waived urine dip drug test card $1.99ea.

5 panel multi screen generic clia waived dip drug test. Five panel Qty. 25 per box $1.99ea.

Why should I choose urine drug test cup?

If you somehow look up the insights on drug abuse in America, it is terrifying. In 2012, it’s assessed that 23.9 million Americans matured 12 or more seasoned (or 9.2 percent of the populace) had utilized an unlawful medication or mishandled a psycho therapeutic pharmaceutical, (for example, a torment reliever, stimulant, or sedative) in the previous month. In reality, this expansion for the most part mirrors a current ascent in the utilization of the most normally expended illegal medication, weed. That is the reason it’s vital for business’ to start a medication testing strategy.

5 Benefits of 12 Panel Urine Drug Testing Cup at Workplace

Now, drug testing at work place has turned out to be extremely normal. It has turned out to be obligatory to check the representatives with a specific end goal to ensure a drug free condition at work place.

Despite the fact that pre-work testing is directed by numerous businesses to recognize the drug abusers, it has turned out to be important to lead testing in the associations after they enter the association. Reason, many individuals are getting dependent on drugs after work in light of stress related issues or individual issues. Thus, post business drug testing strategies ought to be adjusted at working work place to detect the drug abusers.

Post work drug testing incorporates irregular drug testing, singular doubt testing, post mishap testing and so on 12 panel urine drug test cups are perfect for post business drug testing and are an across the panel test for the most widely recognized drugs of abuse.

Single Panel vs. Multi Panel Drug Tests for employee drug testing - Rapid Exams

Employers are in charge of their representatives' security at the work workplace. One method for making working workplace safe is to influence it to free from drug abusing representatives.

Businesses can utilize distinctive techniques to test workers for drug abuse -pre-work drug screening, planned and irregular drug testing. Drug test cups intended for work workplace drug testing enable businesses to keep beware of drug mishandle by representatives.

Both single and multi panel test cups are for the most part utilized at working workplace. In this article, we will influence an examination between the two sorts of cups to make to it simple for you to pick the best ones in time of your requirement.

Hidden Facts about Urine Drug Tests

drug tests utilize Urine as an example in testing for the nearness of certain illicit drugs in a man's body. It is the most ordinarily utilized kind of medication test in view of its simple, brisk and easy process. There are two sorts of Urine drug tests, burn panel and multi-panel. Single-panel Urine drug test searches for a particular sort of medication, however multi-panel Urine sedate test, for example, 10 panel drug test screens for a few sorts of drugs. Most Urine sedate tests screens for marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, PCP, opioids, amphetamines and even liquor.

5 benefits of Home Drug Testing Cups - Rapid Exams

Students, employees, guardians, and young people represents a genuine risk to their well being and society. Drug abuse among young people should be particularly checked as it can harmful effect their well being that is in developmental stage. Home Drug test cups give a powerful answer for check drug abuse as they can identify the nearness of Drugs in urine or salivation tests. These Drug testing cups are prominent among guardians as it can be utilized to check drug abuse among their kids and as a preventive measure.

The Untold Secret of Urine Drug Test Cups

Now-a-days the market is flooded with different types of drug testing equipment and their demand is now increasing day by day. These drug testing devices mainly use hair, sweat, urine, saliva and blood but the oldest and most commonly used method of drug testing is the urine drug testing. Urine drug testing is the most inexpensive and quickest method of drug testing and these are also non-invasive. Rapid Exam Inc provides the urine drug test cups which provides rapid screening in a convenient cup and provides the result instantly.

4 Advantages of Random Drug Testing

There is a variety of advantages to getting random drug testing on your employees. It is a reasonable method for seeing if your employees are following the guidelines or not. Planning drug testing in the work environment might be easier than you might think, and it should be done at random.

6 Reasons Why Introducing an Alcohol and Drug Policy in Workplace

Many organizations debate about the requirement for an Alcohol and Drug Policy, and now and then it's for useful reasons. They don’t like the idea of perform tests mostly in view of the utilization of resources included, and partly as a result of the shame and infrequently uncomfortable situations identified with drug tests and their outcomes.

5 Reasons Why Drug Testing Is a Good Idea - Rapid Exams

Drug tests are specialized examinations of blood, hair, oral liquid, and sweat to decide the nearness or absence of particular illicit substances. Many organizations, schools, and associations have begun to actualize drug testing strategies to help ensure the well being of employees and students, and in addition to decide whether employees and students are fit to go to work or school.

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