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Headline for Top Secret Spots to Find In London -Do Something Out of the Ordinary
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Top Secret Spots to Find In London -Do Something Out of the Ordinary

Everyone knows about the top attractions in London, but here are some secret spots to go checkout and 'investigate' in true Sherlock Holmes style. Just remember- don't tell anyone!


Little Venice

No big surprise there, Little Venice is London's version of the actual Venice in Italy, and though not as grand as the original; it's still a quaint little spot to head over to. Where is it? It not that far, just about 10 minutes away from the Paddington Tube and train stations. It's right next to the Rembrandt Gardens.

With its charming waterways and canals, Little Venice is pretty as a picture. You can find many cosy caf├ęs, pubs and restaurants in the neighbourhood and just five minutes away are a good collection of hotels in Bayswater, London the likes of the Berjaya Eden Park London Hotel; so accommodation can be easily sorted out too. The canals are great for a little bit of exploration. Get on board a boat and explore Regent's Canal which begins from Little Venice and ends at Docklands. While you float along serenely you'll pass quite a lot of attractions such as the Camden Town and the ZSL London Zoo. Little Venice is also known for its independent theatre venues that hosts puppet shows and others.


St Dunstan's in the East

This is a beautiful chapel that has been run over with lush green vines. However, instead of looking derelict, the overall effect of the green on the elaborate Gothic architecture is simply breathtaking! Originally built in about 1100, the St Dunstan in the East was severely destroyed during the World War II. The remains of the once grand church have now become a sort of a public garden. Take a stroll through its intriguing walls overgrown with plants and vines and you'll feel like how in Narnia, Lucy and her siblings felt when they returned centuries later to their castle and found it in ruins; like stepping into a era that you've suddenly missed, where the great hand of time had worked so fast...


The Smallest Police Station in the UK

Next time you go shopping in Trafalgar Square, you better keep your eyes peeled for the smallest police station in the UK or you'll walk right past without even noticing, thinking it was a phone booth! Yep, that's how small it is. It's not exactly sure whose idea it was but it sure is one heck of an attraction that was actually built observe any protests happening in Trafalgar square. Of course, it's no longer an active Police station but is a rather curious sight to see.


The Seven Noses

If you're the real Sherlock Holmes type and was walking around the streets of Soho it won't take too long for your 'spidey senses' to realise that something looks, or smells fishy, cause you'll see noses, stuck on walls everywhere. Is it a conspiracy? Is it foretelling the coming of the "Four Nosemen" or something??? Yep, you're gonna have a lot of questions so let us put your fears at rest for these noses are the works of art and not a catastrophe on the works!

They are the creations of artist Rick Buckley who was inspired or rather provoked by the introduction of CCTV cameras all over London and, motivated by the Situationists, fixed the noses under the noses of the cameras! We're sure what he thought was "That'll teach em not to stick their nose into everything!" how very original.

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