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05 Amazing Water Sports to do in Maldives – Thrills in the Ocean

Offering some of the best water sports on the planet, the Maldives is the place to go to for underwater adventures and adrenaline pumping thrills on the water that can be enjoyed by all.



Arguably the most popular water sport in the Maldives and one of the easiest to try, snorkelling gives you a chance to witness the colourful landscapes and denizens of the deep who reside beneath the waves. No prior experience is required for this activity that can be enjoyed by young and old alike and be you staying at Maldives luxury resorts or budget city hotels do look to make time to go snorkelling. The waters around the islands offer amazing visibility and you soon will have a firsthand look at vibrant coral life as well as a diverse array of fish species including butterflyfish, clown triggerfish, clownfish, angelfish and oriental sweetlips to name a few.



For more serious underwater adventure, one can look to engage in some diving in Maldives. The country is also blest with some of the world's best dive sites be it for beginner or advanced divers, with each of these sites providing unique perspectives of the country's rich marine biodiversity. Local travel specialists like Vacation Maldives even put together special packages for those in search of a holiday focused on diving expeditions. The Ari Atoll, North Male Atoll and Vaavu Atoll feature popular dive sites and barracuda, mantas, morays, black snappers, Napoleon wrasse and a variety of sharks are amongst the species one can spot.



One of the much beloved surfing destinations in Asia, the Maldives provides plenty of thrills on its waves. A lot of consistent swells can be found here along with plenty of barrels for you to enjoy a fun day out at sea. Different atolls have different surfing spots which are set amidst some breathtaking coastal backdrops that make this activity truly special. Chickens, Cokes and Honky's in the Malé Atolls, Yin Yang, Mahibadhoo and Mikado in the Central Atolls and Beacons, Love Charms and Castaways in the South Atolls are amongst the popular surfing hotspots in Maldives.



A water sport that will help you get quite a good cardio workout too, kayaking gives you a chance to explore the waters around the islands. While you do get individual kayaks there are tandem kayaks as well, ideal for couples or even families planning to rent a few kayaks and head off on an adventure. Some kayaks are even equipped with transparent bottoms providing a super view of the underwater coral and marine life.



This action packed water sport may begin in the waters of the ocean, but you will end up floating high above in the sky! For parasailing, one is equipped with a special harness and parachute while the other end of the line is attached to a speed boat. When the boat reaches the right velocity, you will be lifted into the air with your parachute becoming much like a kite, taking you up to the clouds.