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10 Maldives Islands That Are Perfect for a Honeymoon – The Most Romantic Atolls

Romance is something the Maldives islands exceed in exceptionally. There are more than a thousand islands situated within the archipelago, and most of them are uninhabited.


Hulhumale Island

Situated a mere stone's throw away from the capital island, Hulhumale is a reclaimed landmass that was built as the answer to the need to decongest the capital island. Although this island is a lot more settled in than the various exotic resort islands throughout the nation, it is not overpopulated with tourists, and this means there are some wonderful places where honeymooners can find solitude. This island is also directly connected to Hulhule Island where the main international airport is located, which means access to the island is incredibly easy for tourists.


Kandolhu Maldives

This island resembles a very compact forest of sorts, where a tiny landmass is almost saturated with trees, surrounded by powdery sands and further eclipsed by coral reefs. The island is also the home to Kandolhu Maldives.The Island is located about seventy kilometres away from the main island of Male.


Biyadhoo Island

This is most popularly known as 'scuba diving island', and is considered one of the most romantic islands on the nation. The range of vegetation to be found on the island is astonishing, with an abundance of coconuts, mangoes, bananas, and tomatoes. The waters around the island are almost saturated with exotic ocean life, which includes sharks, rays, rare sea-turtles and even dolphins. Many experienced divers consider this island to be their 'El Dorado', and there are many institutions offering a range of diving courses, where one can even get PADI certified. The attributes of the island make it an ideal setting for a honeymoon resort. Maldives has experiences to offer in the region involving Biyadhoo. The Biyadhoo House Reef is famous throughout the diving world, and has seven different passages, a cave and unique species such as ghost pipe fishes, nudibranches, and harlequin shrimp.


Vaadhoo Island

This is the island that is famous for its 'sea of stars', which refers to its iconic beach where the bioluminescent waters glow neon blue at night. This phenomenon is caused by phytoplankton in the water, which create this brilliant blue luminescence. These particular phytoplanktons are known as dinoflagellates, and they have a unique channel in their cell membrane which reacts to certain electrical signals.


Male Island

The capital island of the Maldives is one of the most essential places to visit, and is where you can truly experience the culture of the Maldives. One of the best things about this island is its grid structure, which makes it almost impossible for someone to get lost. The buildings on the island however are so densely packed that it is a miracle that the island hasn't sunk into the waters due to its own weight. There's a diverse assortment of shops to explore on the island, along with a few attractions that are essential to explore, such as the Grand Friday Mosque and the President's Palace Muliaage.