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List of beach hacks – Time for some fun in the sun

Planning to head down to the beach this summer or even take a trip to an exotic island resort? Here are some useful tips that will come in handy when spending time on the shore and by the sea!


Soothing the skin

You may love spending time in the sun, working on that perfect tan, but that very sun has a tendency to burn your skin too. Sunburn is a very real problem when at the beach and no matter how much you "lotion up", you are likely to feel the burn. Packing aloe vera cream or gel is a great idea and is one way you can be prepared for such an eventuality. If you want to add to the "healing" here is another option; before your outing get some aloe vera gel and put it into an ice cube tray. Once you are back from the beach, the hardened and "iced" aloe vera cubes can be gently melted onto your skin. Do remember to thoroughly wash out the ice cube tray afterwards!


Powder power

Sand has an inane and largely annoying talent of being able to get into just about anything. No matter how carefully you may be at the beach, in all likelihood you are going to have a lot of sand on your legs, body and even hair! Dusting with a dry towel helps to some extent, but for better results pack some talcum or baby powder. Sprinkle the powder on areas what are sticky and full of sand and rub it in a downward motion. The powder will help dry the skin and the sand will fall / dust off more easily.


Zip-lock to the rescue

The beach can be a fun place, but not so much for your phone or wallet. Keep in mind that you also may be engaged in water sports as well. Take this for an example: when it comes to things to do in Maldives spending time at the beach is probably going to be a priority. When staying at island resorts the likes of Adaaran Select Meedhupparu, you can keep your valuables in your room, but what if you want to take your phone with you to the beach to get some great selfies? The answer is simple; just take a zip-lock back which will keep sand and water out and protect your phone and wallet / purse. You can even use the phone's touch screen without having to take the device out of the bag!


Freeze away

After all that fun in the sun, sand and surf, you are bound to get thirsty. Also, keep in mind it is very important that one stays well hydrated. For such times there is nothing like having chilled drinks or water. This is especially true for kids who always seem to like something iced. Chances are by midday the drinks you have stored in the portable ice box would have lost their cool. What you can do is, the day before put your drinks or water in a big plastic bottle and then pop it into the freezer. Take it out when you go and though it will be frozen solid at the time, by midday it should be more or less back to its liquid form and still cold too.


Hidden in plain sight

When heading to public beaches especially, one may be worried about keeping things like money and car keys safe. One way to protect your valuables is to have a place you can safely keep them and which potential thieves may not think to check. An empty big bottle or jar of suntan lotion works great for concealing such items.

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