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Headline for E-Boards
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h001 | Bolt

New Atlas

"Electric skateboards are seen as a legitimate means of getting from A to B and are being designed specifically for that purpose. The Bolt is one such board and is claimed to be the smallest and lightest.

h002 | Epic Electric Skateboards


Modell Racer ist faltbar

h003 | Hoverboard Technologies


"Hoverboard Technologies engineers have put thrilling adventure into personal mobility. Are you ready to Ride The Experience?"

h004 | E-Paddle


"You can use the ePaddle one handed, which gives you maximum freedom for carving..."

h005 | LEIF Tech


"Shred around your home town up to 20mph with the LEIF eSnowboard - an electric skateboard that moves like a snowboard!"

h006 | Caseboard

New Atlas

"...That's why Adam Riley of Epic Skateboards has developed the Caseboard, an electric skateboard that folds in half for carrying like a briefcase when not getting users from A to B."

h007 | Revoll


h009 | Audi connected mobility concept


"An electrically powered multifunctional longboard, measuring 1.05 meters in length, is integrated into the rear bumper of the car..."

h010 | Magneto Electric Longboard


"We are proud to present our Electric Longboard, The Magneto Electric is Fast, Light and Extremely efficient..."

h011 | Linky


"Enjoy smart mobility with Linky - The first Foldable Electric Longboard that fits in a bag. 15km range, 30km/h top speed, air travel safe..."

h011 | Longboard + Electric + Foldable = Meet LINKY


" The Italy-based start-up, who just launched on Kickstarter, developed a patented folding mechanism that first reduces, then folds the board in half. With backgrounds in automotive mechanics and power train systems, they’ve used auto-quality materials and batteries to make a board that is also powerful, sturdy and safe."

h012 | Blink (Acton)


"Blink Lite is ACTON’s newest and most advanced electric skateboard to date. Weighing in at just 7.7lbs., it is now the World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard!"

h013 | Airwheel M3

"Intelligent self-balancing M3 scooter uses the world-class design. M3 is going to usher in a new era of new concept intelligent wireless remote control electric skateboards."


h014 | Leafboard


"... is raising funds for Leafboard, Super Portable and Stylish Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter! Weighing 9.7 lbs and achieving speeds of up to 19 mph, Leafboard is the lightest electric skateboard affordable for everyone."

h015 | Nextboards


"... longboards for the next generation. Nextboards are 4WD vehicles driven by four Scorpion motors, custom made for NGV and two Tattu 6S batteries."

h016 | Faraday Motion

"Smartphone Controlled Electric Skateboard 3D Printed at Autodesk's Pier 9 ... now that an entire generation of skaters have grown into adulthood many of them have brought their boards along with them."

h017 | Electric skateboards: The future of rideables


"Electric rideables are the new craze. So join The Verge's resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer for a tour of the landscape..."

h018 | Tag Heuer Electric Board

Yanko Design

"A Most Elegant E-Board... channels the aesthetic of the watchmaker brand with a lux combination of carbon fiber and rose gold."

h019 | Eon


"World's 1st Electric Skateboard Powertrain... Eon converts any skateboard into an electric skateboard in seconds capable of 22 mph & 15 mile range."

h020 | uniboard

"John Dingleys' site about self balancing skateboards ~ the guy is a true pioneer and innovator and should be acknowledged ..."

Dave Southalls' Engineering Experiments

h021 | Arc Aileron

"Pure Carbon Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter! 121C Boards + Arc Boards Collaborate to build the World's First Lightweight, Pure Carbon, High Performance Electric Skateboard..."


h022 | BIRD

"BIRD presents you a new type of electric skateboard that has all the sensations of a traditional longboard. No more remote control, a hands-free system where you control your speed as you like from the simple position of your feet on the board. Rediscover the natural sensations of riding with the electric device BIRDTOUCH. It is the alliance of an inwheel propulsion and an interchangeable battery that produces a robust and reliable high quality product made in FRANCE."


h023 | JayKay

"Das weltweit erste Elektro Longboard Kit mit unsichtbarem Antrieb und Steuerung per Fingergesten. Sichere dir jetzt die frühstmögliche Bestellung."


h024 | Carvon Revo 4WD

"new 35-mph, 4WD electric skateboard... using 4WD, carbon fiber and other elements in its new lineup of add-on motors and electric boards."

New Atlas