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Updated by Electronic Shooters Protection on Aug 26, 2017
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Long Range Shooting

The popularity of last month’s blog on getting started in 3-gun competition has inspired us to explore long-range precision shooting this month.  Bullets have had the capacity of hitting targets at long distances for several decades, however the standards have increased drastically.  For example, if one could hit an apple at 100 yards with a Pennsylvania long rifle in the 1700’s, he was considered to be a sharpshooter.  Today the current world record for a 10-shot group at 1,000 yards measures 2.687 inches across.  The distances that constitute “long-range precision shooting” are debatable to some, but for the purposes of this blog we will say its between 1,000-2,000 yards.  Beyond 2,000 yards would be considered ‘extreme long-range shooting’ and with equipment costs upwards of $15,000, the barrier to entry is quite high.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the perception of a certain sound or sounds – often described as some
kind of ringing – when no noise is actually present. While it is most commonly
referred to as “ringing”, tinnitus can reveal itself in a vast array of sounds and is
experienced by almost 50 million Americans today. Severity ranges from temporary
conditions to extreme (but rare) chronic cases where the tinnitus has driven the
victim to insanity. Severe cases aside, the most common result of tinnitus is anxiety
and increased blood pressure due to the stress of constant buzzing or ringing in the
Hearing damage is permanent – there is no cure and no treatment for hearing
damage at this time. So, while you might think this blog is beginning to sound like a
broken record (also a symptom of certain rare cases of tinnitus), we can’t stress
enough how important it is to protect your hearing! Tinnitus is commonly
associated with some form of damage to the auditory system. This hearing loss can
be a result of two causes:

Keeping up with the Hearing Protection Act

The Hearing Protection Act, introduced in House on Jan. 9, 2017, is a bill to provide that silencers be treated the same as long guns. Visit this page to know more.

3-Gun Competition for Beginners

The popularity of 3-gun competition is exploding, and that means newcomers are jumping on this train in droves.  These newcomers are coming from all walks of life from retired military to your everyday backyard plinker.  Regardless of what your background is, everyone has to start somewhere, which is why we have decided to do this post on getting started in 3-gun competition.

The Safari Club International Hunters’ Convention Kicks Off

February has arrived, and the Safari Club International is hosting its Annual Hunters’ Convention at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Study Finds Hearing Loss Changes Nerve Cell Behavior

According to a recent study, even temporary hearing loss can cause measurable changes in the behavior of the nerve cells that transmit signals from the ear to the brain.

US Air Force Conducts Study Designed to Prevent Hearing Loss

Serving in the armed forces is an inherently risky job, and hearing loss is the most common health issue affecting American soldiers. After returning from one or more tours of duty, hearing loss and persistent tinnitus can make it difficult for veterans to find civilian jobs and lead healthy, comfortable lives. That’s why the Air Force is conducting a study aimed at finding new ways to prevent hearing loss before it becomes debilitating.

Smith & Wesson Knocked out of Army Handgun Competition

Last week, Smith & Wesson notified its investors that its pistol – the M&P – will not advance to the next round of MHS testing.

Watch a Sharpshooter Play The National Anthem With a Rifle

Chris Cheng, who was the season 4 champion on the History Channel’s Top Shot, is able to shoot his way through the entire national anthem without a hitch.

Introducing the Hunting Buddies Sweepstakes From ESP

With everyone gearing up for hunting season, we’re thrilled to announce that ESP is teaming up with our friends at Burnt Pine Plantation and TNT Outdoor Explosion to give one lucky winner and three of their friends the chance to win a 2 day quail hunt and a 3 night stay at one of our favorite hunting spots in the country.

Department of Defense Struggling To Choose a New Sidearm

Pistol technology has improved considerably since the M9 was first adopted by the U.S. Army in 1985, and now the Pentagon is intent on finding a replacement for the armed forces’ least favorite firearm.

The Fastest Growing Demographic of Gun Owners in America

According to a report released last year by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Annie Oakley would feel right at home in the 21st Century. The study found that women are the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners in the country. In particular, women between the ages of 18 and 34 are most likely to become gun owners.

How to properly clean a shotgun

In order to perform at the most optimal level when shooting a gun, there are steps you can take to ensure that a sufficient cleaning has been done.