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Headline for Oman Festivals – Treat Yourself to Exotic Cultures
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Oman Festivals – Treat Yourself to Exotic Cultures

Omani festivals are marvellous rituals to experience the nation's rich culture. These like the hot weather are seasonal and it's a lucky tourist that gets to feel the true nature of Omani celebrations


January – The Muscat Festival

Why leave it to chance, check out our list of seasonal festivals and maybe time your trip to coincide with one. Starting with the month of January the country celebrates the Muscat Festival which is a month long anniversary that pays homage to Omani culture and traditions. A marvellous experience for tourist the festival incorporates many aspects such as shopping; a super thrill at this time. In addition, there is dance, craft workshops, music, magic shows and many more entertaining factors. Find out more by logging into the music-festival website.


June – Salalah Tourism Festival

Celebrated from mid-June to mid-September this is a celebration of the monsoon season. A spectacular time when the southern tip of Oman leaves behind its desert environs and transforms into a verdant carpet of green. Likewise, guests at Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort will find the stark surroundings of the Green Mountain a similarly stunning location that makes Oman home to some of the most stunning settings across the globe. Travelling during the monsoon season means temperatures are cooler and you can explore more. As for the Salalah Tourism Festival, the event includes a multitude of attractions such as dance, music and local sports as well as plenty of handicraft stalls to browse. Those of you choosing to stay at Oman resorts will find the festivities extend to the interiors of these hotels as well.


November – National Day Celebrations

National Day is commemorated on the 18th of November. This is the birthday of Sultan Qaboos and you will find that in some instances the date is shifted around for convenience. The festival is an amalgamation of many celebrations with colourful lights strung up to light the streets.


The Sultan Camel Race Cup

The Sultan Camel Race Cup pays homage to this traditional sport which is camel racing. A very popular sport that defines the Arabic nations, these races see camels running at speeds of up to 64 kilometres per hour; tracks too are specially built for this purpose. Witnessing these events lets one see the important role camels have played in the country's history serving as much more than a means of transport across the desert.


Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha

Eid al Fitr is one of the most celebrated of all Muslim festivals. Lasting for three days this festival signifies the end of Ramadan and time of fasting. It is quite an event in Oman and is even celebrated at Oman luxury resorts. The second Eid al Adha or Sacrifice Feast is also a large scale four day celebration. Mosques are packed at these times as Eid prayers are offered up by devout Omani people.