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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 6 Beach Games to Enjoy on a Summer Holiday! – Fun for All!

Besides lying on the sand and soaking up the warm sun rays while you're on vacation, here are some beach games that will keep the entire group busy and entertained with!


Treasure hunt

Who doesn't love a game of treasure hunt, AMIRITE? Treasure hunts on the beach can be more exciting especially when you're at a beach resort in Hua Hin. Start out by writing down a list of the most common things you could find on the beach like sea shells, coral, seaweed, rocks, etc and distribute it amongst the group or individuals participating. The person who collects everything first wins! Do keep in mind not to add a living sea creature to the list as this can be quite cruel and might cause severe distress and trauma to the animal in question – even if it's a hermit crab!


Water Relay

As most resorts in the area are located along the golden shores, accommodation properties such as Anantara Hua Hin Resort offer a range of water activities for their guests. However, if you prefer to play something on the shore rather than in the sea, water relay is a pretty fun game. With two buckets (one small and one big bucket per team) placed at a fair distance from each other, each member has to fill the bucket furthest away with water. The team / member that fills the bucket first – wins!


Build Sandcastles

No matter how old you are, building sandcastles is a popular and fun thing to do at the beach. See who can build the tallest tower before the sand crumbles or who can build best sand castle! Don't forget that the key to building a really good sandcastle is by having the right buckets and spades. Another variation of this game is to build sand sculptures – which could vary from sand turtles, sand dragons, a sandman or even sand mermaids! Sand sculptures are more challenging and would be enjoyed by an older age group rather than kids.


Beach volley ball

This age old game is a favourite amongst everyone who heads to the beach! All you need is a soft ball and two teams – which mean its ideal to play in groups.


Sharks and Minnows

This game is ideally great for children, especially those with a lot of pent up energy to spend. Pick one person to be the shark and the others are minnows- basically shark food. Once the shark tags a minnow, the individual is turned in to a family member of the shark and assists the main shark in tagging other minnows. The last remaining minnow wins as the fastest in the lot! If there are older kids playing, blind fold the shark to make the game more interesting.



A game of Frisbee engages the entire family / group of friends. Start at a closer distance before eventually spreading along the beach to a greater distance. Throwing a Frisbee around is also a good game to play if your kids have too much energy and are looking for some way to spend it.

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