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Best Street Food from Around the World – Walking for Your Meals Was Never Such a Treat

Street food's an insight to a country's food culture; grilled, fried, smoked delights spell the taste of each destination. If you are already hankering for the experience read on for the world's best.


Ho Chi Minh City – Banh Mi

This is a term used to describe a type of bread in Vietnam although in Ho Chi Minh City it is now a delicious sandwich that is the Vietnamese equivalent of a submarine sandwich. The hoagie as it is also called is a combination of Asian and western dishes that is a result of French colonisation in the region. Although the fillings tend to vary at each eatery there is a standard filling of grilled pork, cold cuts or meatballs that go into the baguette. The sandwich is further enhanced with cilantro, pickled carrots, liver pate, daikon and slices of cucumber. Although popular in western countries no hoagie can out do the flavours of those offered on the streets of Saigon.


Istanbul – Durum

Durum simply means 'roll'; which is flatbread similar to the Turkish yufka or lavash from Armenia. The bread is usually stuffed with spicy lamb, veal or chicken which is cooked on a vertical rotisserie before being sliced off. The meat is then topped with cucumber, onions, tomato and lettuce as well as yoghurt spiced with herbs and a hot sauce. Better known as a shawarma this wrap is pretty popular across the world but nothing beats the Turkish version which is wrapped and grilled for some extra crispiness.


Koh Samui – Gwoy Tiao

Thai noodle soup is an all-time favourite and nothing prepares you for the thrill of eating a steaming hot bowl of Gwoy Tiao at a sunny beach café in Samui. Eat streets along the beach are located close to most of the top Koh Samui resorts and offer various versions of this dish. Choose the type of noodles from medium flat, wide flat to small and wiry. The broth will contain chicken, beef, pork or most popular in Samui – seafood. Add to this a combination of white vinegar, dry chillies and exotic condiments and you have a fragrant and flavoursome meal to enjoy in the open. Travelling across Thailand will undoubtedly treat you to a bevy of street food while hopping across international chains like Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas will prove to be convenient.


Xi'an – Rou Jia Mo

This is a Chinese sandwich similar to the donor kebab but is recorded to be over 2,000 years old; hence one would think it is honed to perfection. Originating in the Shaanxi Province of which the famous capital Xi'an is home to the terracotta soldiers, Rou Jia Mo is traditionally made by stewing pork in a well spiced soup. Cooked for several hours the meat; which is substituted for lamb or beef in Muslim areas is minced and rolled into a flat bread together with cilantro and peppers that are not too spicy.


Mexico - Tacos al Pastor

Finding oneself in Mexico City is a fabulous experience. The street food is just as varied as the vibrant mix of cultures there. Tacos al Pastor is a typical example of two cultures clashing; the filling or meat is of Lebanese origins where spit roasted lamb now replaced by pork a local favourite, is given a Mexican touch by marinating the meat in dry chillies, pineapple and spices before being cooked. The spit roasted meat once done is sliced off and in shawarma style added to a tortilla shell with cilantro, onions, hot salsa, lime juice and pineapple. Enjoy folks!

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