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Amazing Spa Treatments to Try in Dubai - Beauty & the East

Looking to spend a relaxing day at one of Dubai's finest spa resorts? Asia, Africa, and Europe all have their beauty secrets but it's these Middle Eastern treatments that you need to check out.


Turkish Hammam

Originally Turkish Hammams were used for the purification of the body before prayer. However, these days, a Turkish Hammam is on a whole new different level where hotel chains like AVANI Hotels and Resorts have taken it beyond the Middle East to faraway destinations like Seychelles; transforming it to a luxury spa treatment.

So what exactly is a Turkish Hammam? It is a bath ritual where you undergo a series of treatments including a deep scrub using a special black soap, a full body wash, steam therapy and a deep tissue massage. The benefits of a Turkish bath are numerous. In addition to relieving all that bent up tension and stress; the treatment helps in improving blood circulation and deep cleanse the skin.


Hawala Waxing

You've probably already have heard about sugar waxing but did you know that it actually originated from the Middle East? Yep, sugar or Hawala waxing was first used by women in Egypt and Lebanon. You can get it done by a professional at a Dubai spa, but you can also try making it at home like the Middle Eastern ladies did in ancient times. All you need is few simple ingredients and a little patience.

Take one cup of sugar (you can use either white or brown) and combine it with 2 tbsp of water, 1 tsp of salt and 1 ½ tbsp of lemon juice. Mix, put into a saucepan and simmer on low heat. After the mixture has turned into a golden brown and thickened; stir with a wooden spoon making sure that all the sugar crystals are dissolved. It'll take about 8 minutes more for the mix to thicken considerably and turn syrupy. Make sure to not let it burn. When the mixture turns dark brown, take off from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Apply on skin and pull on the opposite direction of the hair growth.


Desert Sand Scrub

The golden sands of the Arabian Desert hold more secrets than you think and one of them is the power to revitalize skin. So, check in to a luxury spa in Dubai and choose the desert sand scrub, a treatment that has been used for generations in the Middle East. The treatments uses a mix of desert sands and salts that are infused in a range of therapeutic ingredients such as argan oil. The treatment includes a unique massage that's carried out using bamboo sticks and herbal compresses. The desert sands scrub aims to alleviate tardiness in circulatory systems, stretch marks, dry, irritated and dehydrated skin; uneven skin tone and texture as well as boost skin elasticity.



Hijama or 'cupping' is the perfect treatment for anyone afflicted with headaches, severe back problems, and digestion issues. The therapy is performed by using special cups to drain excess fluids, boost the peripheral nervous system, and increase the blood flow to skin and the back muscles. It loosens up those troublesome knots and improves your muscle flexibility.