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5 Reasons Why Seychelles Should be your Next Travel Destination

Seychelles has all the ingredients that make up paradise: blue waters, white beaches and a happy sun. But its secret ingredient X is what makes it paradise with a capital 'P'. What's X, you ask?



Mahé Island is the most developed of the 115 Seychelles islands and it is home to Victoria, the capital city. The island holds around 90% of the nation's population and bears the majority of Seychelles beach resorts, of the likes of AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa, and hotels. But the throngs of locals and tourists in no way dampen any of the island's natural beauty. Outstanding beaches line every inch of Mahé and you can snorkel just about anywhere! There are thriving reefs all around, packed with fantastic fishes and rays, and the wondrous dive sites around the island are among the best places in the world to encounter whale sharks. You can also go hiking through the Morne Seychellois National Park which encompasses about 20% of the island and harbours numerous habitats from mangroves to montane forests.



Praslin is the second largest island in the tropical archipelago and is without the relative hubbub of Mahé – it is nature's sleeping beauty and glorious tranquillity is her name. More often than not it's just you, at complete peace, swimming in blue waters, watching the sun set behind the boundless horizon giving way to a breathtaking, star-studded night sky. There are plenty of snorkelling and diving opportunities here as well, most hotels are situated right next to the ocean so all you have to do is put on your mask and jump in! You can also hike through the UNESCO Heritage Site, Vallée de Mai, which is home to a unique array of flora and fauna including the nation's flagship species, the endemic coco de mer!


La Digue

La Digue is delightfully remote and entirely free of motor vehicles; locals use bicycles to get around and since the island is only about 10km2 this is not an issue at all. You can take on the picturesque island on foot or hire your own bike from near the ferry port. As the island is quite hilly, however, cycling is recommended. Try and spot the rare, endemic black paradise flycatcher while exploring! La Digue is famous for its gorgeous beaches and fantastic snorkelling as well, the colourful coral reefs are full of reef fish and the occasional green turtle, ray and black-tip reef shark. It is also home to a sizeable population of the endangered Aldabra Giant Tortoises. The tortoises are a special treat, most of them are friendly and you'll likely encounter them on the streets as you would stray dogs.



Curieuse Island is one of the smaller islands located adjacent to Praslin and it, along with its neighbouring islands such as Arid and Cousin, are natural havens under strict government protection. Curieuse is home to more than 300 Aldabra Giant tortoises as well as several endemic species of plants, including the coco de mer plant (Curieuse is the only other island on which it occurs), and fantastic avian and marine life. A tour of the island and its neighbours are worth every rupee spent and is one of the best ways to witness the magnificent Seychellois wildlife!


Turtles (because turtles)

If you are completely obsessed with turtles, as you should be, Seychelles is a country you simply cannot miss. The islands are deemed so unthreatening that Hawkbills swim out to shore, in broad daylight, to nest! Cousin Island, off Praslin, is one of the most important turtle conservation sites in the Western Indian Ocean and a visit here is your best bet at encountering them! The island harbours more than 500 nests during each nesting season which occurs between November and March.

All of this and more forms ingredient X, but the most important component, the one that makes Seychelles a true paradise is its humble authenticity. Seychelles does not try too hard to prove its worth to visitors; it, quite simply, IS, and that's enough.