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Non-emergency Medical transportation in Sacramento CA - For Wheelchair Transportation, Stretcher Transportation and NEMT, call 916-601-7115.

Make Traveling to Your Medical Appointments Hassle Free

Being bound to a wheelchair can make life challenging because you may not have the typical options for transportation. So what are you supposed to do to get around, especially to your medical appointments? Just because you are in a wheelchair, it does not mean that it has to be a challenge to get to your medical appointments or to any other destinations. If you need a comfortable and safe ride today, just call us anytime to inquire about how we can assist you.

Transporting Your Children

When you have children with special needs who require a ride to school and a ride back home, America West Medical Transportation, Inc. offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA that ensures your children are given a safe and reliable way to school and home. We understand that it can be a challenge to transport children with developmental disabilities on a daily basis. For this reason, we strive to provide a service that makes this as easy as possible for you today. Here are just a few of the things that we can do for you:

What is Non-Emergency Transportation?

America West Medical Transportation, Inc. offers Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento. This is a service that allows patients who do not have the ability to get around or to make their medical appointments normally. We offer a number of transportation services including Wheelchair Transportation in Sacramento CA. These services are all designed to make life easier for you today. Here is how non-emergency transportation can serve you:

3 Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

There is no doubt about the love that your friends and family have for you. Though they try to be there for you, they aren’t always available every time you have to be at your medical appointments. It’s understandable since they have work or school to go to. Your medical appointments may be scheduled at the same hours. When it’s already time for your monthly medical checkup, you know you’ve got to be there on time.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation: Staying Independent - America West Medical Transportation, Inc.

Through Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA such as America West Medical Transport, it is possible to maintain and restore your independence. When you have disabilities, dealing with old age, illness, or injured, it can be difficult to get around town or even get to your medical appointments on your own. This is a problem we aim to solve for you. Through our services, we make it possible for you to get to where you need without any issues.

The Advantages of Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Whether you are looking for exceptional Wheelchair Transportation in San Jose, CA or superb Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento, CA, America West Medical Transport can provide you with the comfortable and convenient transportation you need. We understand how important it is for you to have the ability to not only travel to your medical appointments with ease but to also get around town without hassle.

The Convenience of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

When you are in a wheelchair, getting around can be a challenge without a doubt. Normally, you would have to rely on friends and family to give you a ride to your medical appointments or other destinations. However, they may not be there to help you every single time you need them because they also have other responsibilities. This is where Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA from providers like America West Medical Transport can help you out.

What Is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

One of the most convenient services we have is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Sacramento CA. Through this service, it does not matter if you are elderly, disabled, or injured, we provide you with a convenient and affordable transportation solution to get you where you need to be. This is particularly useful for doctor’s appointments or even regular trips to a clinic for dialysis or other forms of treatment.

4 Safety Tips When Riding a Vehicle Towards Your Medical Appointment

How do you reach your medical appointments on time? Do you prepare the stuff you need for the medical appointment? When you or your loved one is sick or has limited functioning abilities, you need to settle down inside a vehicle towards the hospital, clinic, or any other healthcare facility you’re headed to. It is important to stay safe and comfortable as you take the journey to your destination. Here are some safety tips we’ve compiled for you as you ride a vehicle for your medical appointment:

When Do You Need a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service?

Ambulances aren’t the only vehicles that take you to a medical destination. When there aren’t any emergencies or when you just need a lift towards your clinic or hospital, then non-emergency medical vehicles can take you there. Majority of non-emergency medical transportation is fully equipped with medical supplies and are designed to fit your medical needs. But when exactly can you use them or summon them to help you out?

Getting to Your Medical Appointments: Made Easy

Making it to your medical appointments through normal circumstances can be tough as it is, let alone being in a wheelchair, getting injured, or being elderly. This is where America West Medical Transport can provide you with the solution you are looking for through our non-emergency medical transportation in Sacramento, CA. So how can we make it easy for you to get to your medical appointments?

A Comfortable Ride: NEMT Services

America West Medical Transport provides non-emergency medical transportation in Sacramento, CA that not only aims to provide a convenient option for people in need but also an option that ensures your utmost comfort all throughout your time with us on the road. Just because you are elderly or bound to a wheelchair, it does not mean you need to suffer through uncomfortable transportation experiences.

How Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Brings Ease and Convenience into the Lives of the Elderly and Disabled

The complications that come with age can wreak havoc on your body in plenty of different ways. A disability can pretty much deal you the same fate, and while it doesn’t necessarily come with age, it can arise from illness, disease, accidents, and many of the other certainties, as well as uncertainties, of life.

4 Tips to Consider When Searching for a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company

Physically and health-challenged individuals will sometimes find it hard to get to their medical appointments on their own. Their predicament would not only make the situation difficult, it would also be inviting danger. It’s not all the time that people can rely on a friend or relative to drive them to their doctor’s (and even then, especially in the case of a patient with critical health, this would not be an advisable option). In situations like these, you would require reputable non-emergency transportation companies to back you up. AMERICA WEST MEDICAL TRANSPORT, for instance, is a provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Sacramento, CA, offering a complete range of transportation solutions to those afflicted with the complications of age and disabilities.

Tips for Recovering Fast from Serious Injuries

Recovering from an accident or a surgery could be depressing. Our emotional and mental anguish could even be worse.

Challenges Faced by a Person on a Wheelchair

Living on a wheelchair could be difficult. No one will ever be able to get used to the challenges that we experience every day even though we have been stuck on a wheelchair since childhood. Although we might experience this daily, it will still hurt the same.

The Benefits of Using NEMT over Public Transportation

Having a disability, being injured, ill, or being at an advanced age can post unique challenges when it comes to getting around town.

Wheelchair Transportation: What You Should Know

When you are in a wheelchair, you may need to get creative when it comes to your transportation options