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Google Calendar Extensions and Tools

There’s a lot more potential under the hood, though, and with the open API Google has in place, many developers have created integrations and browser extensions that let you customize your experience and take it to a whole new level.

Supercharge Your Google Calendar with These 29 Extensions and Tools

For all the intricate apps, tools, and technology that Google has developed, its Calendar app is a fairly straightforward one: simply plug in appointments, events, and set reminders, and you’re good to go.

The Best Ways To Manage Hourly Employees

Every business’ owner faces a variety of challenges every day. One of those challenges is to select the right people for a given position.

Effective Ways To Combat Stress At Work

Stress and anxiety are very common within the workplace. While it can be very challenging to do your job and manage the stress and anxiety of the job, there are several ways to try to prevent stress before it occurs and best deal with it, if it does happen.

6 Unique Employee Training Methods That Work

Employee training programs are crucial for company success. According to the American Society for Training and Development (cited in the Huffington Post), companies with comprehensive training programs experience a 218% higher income per employee than those without them.

Time Management Tips Every Business Owner Needs

It is no secret; everyone seems to need more time than what they are given. No matter what, time seems to move faster than we do. There is no way to control it. We can only learn to manage it.

10 Tips And Tricks For Business Owners

Your staff should be just as important to you as your customers, after all the success of your business depends on how great your staff is. Your staff can make or break business. They are the blood, sweat and tears of all major production and customer service.

Elon Musk & Walt Disney’s Secrets to Success: 10 Leadership Skills

Elon Reeve Musk is the 45-year-old South African innovator behind Tesla Motors and SolarCity. And yet, beyond these many accomplishments, Musk has his sights set on perhaps even loftier heights, with proposed innovations such as an electric plane that can take off and land vertically, multi-planetary living for human beings on Mars, and even more widely-utilized solar power – all inspired by his goal to change the world and the course of humanity.

What Every Manager Needs to Understand About Overtime Laws

According to the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, the general overtime provisions in California are that a nonexempt employee 18 years of age or older, or any minor employee 16 or 17 years of age who is not required by law to attend school and is not otherwise prohibited by law from engaging in the subject work.

6 Simple Methods to Relieve Stress in the Workplace

And yeah, there’s good stress. This is known as eustress and it helps you meet a deadline or moves you to take that extra step toward self-improvement.
But then there’s bad stress. This is known as chronic stress and it has you obsessing for weeks over that same deadline or ceaselessly driving yourself to a state of anxious distraction in that effort toward self-improvement.

The Top 10 HR Apps of 2016: Human Resource Management Goes Mobile

Human resource management apps are some of the most valuable tools that employees and managers of companies big and small can take advantage of. HR apps provide unique ways for companies to hire, schedule, manage, and educate their employees.

5 Reasons Office Yoga Dramatically Boosts Employee Morale

As yoga has become more mainstream, it has additionally become more misunderstood. We are seeing the number of yoga studios increase dramatically with each passing year.

The Ultimate List Of Movies To Inspire You After A Rough Week

Whether it’s been a rough day, week, or year, many of us need a little inspiration. Unless you’re among the nearly microscopic minority of adults who have never experienced the toils of a miserable job, you have surely seen a film or two (or seven) that inspire you to get up off the couch.

6 Reasons Working From Home Will Revolutionize Business

The iPhone has revolutionized how we work, socialize, and how we go about managing our day to day tasks. And yet, the most popular smartphone of our time is still underused as the productivity center that it truly is.