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Local Community Models

There are wonderful people and initiatives around the globe, acting locally At some point I would like to gather together in more than a list but this will start the ball rolling

Vital Villages

found this whilst looking for someK based I thinkthing else-U

Welcome to EcoReality!

EcoReality is a nascent ecovillage on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, dedicated to the ethics and principles of Permaculture, and to providing our own shelter, food, and energy in a sustainable and renewable manner. We do this by growing our own food, including raw goat milk and other protien sources, producing our own energy, including biomass, biodiesel and other sources, and by distributing our excess to the surrounding community, via direct farm gate sales, farmers markets, local grocers, and other channels. We are currently seeking one or more additional capital partners to take us to the next step of building thirteen unit of zero-carbon, zero-mile housing, using natural building techniques and materials.

Author Diana Leafe Christian (Creating a Life Together, Finding Community) presents stories on all aspects of ecovillages -- daily life, organization, finances, governance, social aspects, etc.

If you are interested in ecovillages, you'll love this site!

GIY Ireland - Together We Grow!GIY Ireland - Together We Grow!

GIY's vision is for a healthier, more sustainable and more connected world where people are inspired and empowered to grow their own food.

Future Orchard Trust | Nurture the Future

“TOWARDS LAND OWNERSHIP AND USAGE IN A NEW IRELAND” BY MICHAEL KUNZ 11TH NOVEMBER 2011. BACKGROUND: Since ancient times men and women have banded together initially in small family groups which in time became extended family groups and then clans. This common togetherness was essential to hunt and forage often in environmentally and physically hostile [...]

Incredible Edible Todmorden | The Future Of Local Food In Todmorden

Aims to increase the amount of local food grown and eaten in the town. Local businesses, schools, farmers and the whole community are all involved.

XINA Vital Villages

Program involves a pragmatic approach to decentralization of energy and food production, social welfare, environmental protection and development. Through the Vital Village approach with encompasses variety of concepts and technologies. For further more in depth description please feel free to review of presentation document

Glanmire Area Community Association-Old Schoolhouse Riverstown Glanmire Co. Cork Ireland.

Claire Desmond and co started the community garden in 2009/2010 in the grounds of Glanmire Community College. With thanks to Chris Troy our teacher and friend we have progressed in many ways since then

Welcome | Transition Network

Capital Growth is launching a new initiative called 'Growing Leaders' to train and support people to set up and run a food growing..

Capital Growth: The campaign for 2,012 new food growing spaces in London

This is the home page for Capital Growth: The campaign for 2,012 new food growing spaces in London. The campaign is run by London Food Link.


Transition Town Kinsale promotes sustainable business and living in Co. Cork, Ireland.

CFFAM Árainn Mhór | Facebook

Seamus Bonner CEO of CFFAM does wonderful work, from kids club, garden, energy projects and coderdojo

Shareable: How to Rebuild the City as a Platform

Bearing the weight of booming populations and a precarious economy, cities can no longer conduct business as usual. Despite the countless technological and cultural shifts of the past century, many cities still resemble lumbering relics of the Industrial Era, belching forth smog produced not by factories, but instead motorized boxes stalled in traffic.

Small Town Rules

"It's the rule book for the connected economy."

         - Michael Port - More reviews and comments from experts
Small Biz Survival

Becky Mc Cray introduced me to this in July. I thought I lived in a small community.....Rural Small Business

Locally Grown News

US based, is an online community designed to foster the eating locally movement. Our mission is to generate conversation around sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

The online community features eco-friendly, local topics about locally grown produce and other products. Robust user profiles allow members to connect with those with similar interests and passions.

Community members can:

  • Learn about local foods and local producers
  • Share seasonal recipes and prized gardens
  • Find out about ideas for sustainable living
  • Rate favorite markets
  • Post regional events