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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Jan 19, 2018
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Five Interior Design Mistakes To Learn From

Thinking of letting your inner interior designer out? Designing your own home, choosing new furnishings and renovating current pieces is a really lovely project. Be sure to create the perfect, comfortable space by avoiding these five interior design faux pas!

Not Lighting Well Enough

Light is key to opening a space up and the lighter the better. Natural light is free and should be taken advantage of in any room. Dark and dingy spaces can be claustrophobic and make a room seem smaller. Even though lighting can give the illusion of more space, you have to be strategic with this as well. Often a single hanging light or spotlights can take away depth and dimensions of a room. Positioning lighting like lamps in dark areas of a room can bypass ceiling light to create a warm and cosy feel.


Forgetting About Scaling

Forgetting About Scaling

Some mistakes interior lovers can make, include designing a room with furniture all of the same height. Playing with depth and proportions can really transform a room. Think of your space as a city-scape, and use the combination of different heights and sizes as a guideline when designing a space, yourself. For example, populate tall plain walls by hanging a lovely piece of art or a tapestry to create a focal point. Playing with proportions can be super fun whether it be a large sofa to small fireplace ornaments and should not be missed!


Keeping Everything The Same

Keeping Everything The Same

Impulse buying, we all do it! With interior design, it is really easy to get excited and buy everything from one shop on the same day. However, put your purse away and get behind a computer because this method of shopping can leave you with furniture that looks all too similar and not unique. Shop around and find inspiration before buying furniture, Instagram and Pinterest are really good platforms to find inspiration and discover new brands to purchase from. You will most likely end up buying from affordable shops, however with a bigger, more varied selection you will be able to explore lots of different designs and find pieces that complement each other creating a refreshing eclectic appeal.

Ignoring Existing Focal Points

Many believe that you need to buy an extravagant piece of art or a statement coffee table to create a centrepiece for a room. Of course, this is an option, however it can be a little harder to do when on a budget. In these cases, take a look at the current layout of your room to see if there is anything that can be spruced up. Common focal points that often missed are big windows and fireplaces. A plain uPVC window can be transformed with various window treatments like patterned curtains and windowsill decoration. Fire places are grand in themselves, a good clean and strategic positioning of photos or ornaments will create the perfect talking point.


Choosing To Paint First

Choosing To Paint First

When you think of decorating a room, what comes to mind first? For most, it’s painting. Well, I am here to tell you to put that paint brush down! It’s common for people to pick furnishings, fabrics and textures after a whole room has been painted, but to make life easier, try the other way around. Use textures and fabrics to give you inspiration for the walls, it will make matching so much easier as paint comes in a plethora of shades.

Trying To Fit Too Much In

Although it is fun to decorate a space with everything you love, it can sometimes be a little too much. Over furnishing is a common interior design mistake, yet when designing a space, functionality and comfort need to be at the forefront of a designer’s mind. Start with the essential pieces of furniture and see how you can develop the essential to accommodate your needs. For example, instead of having a two, two-seater sofas why not have a corner sofa? Simple solutions like this can maximise the current space and increase functionality. Steer away from buying multiple storage items as this can encourage an overcrowded space. Clean and simple with unique accents is the way to go!

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