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List of Benefits from Milk -A Glass of Milk Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away

If you grew up in a typical Sri Lankan household you've probably had your parents yell "drink your milk child!" to you about a thousand times. Well, they were right, why? Let's find out.


Beautiful Complexion

One of the most beautiful women to have ever existed on the face of the earth, Cleopatra is said to have got her amazing complexion thanks to milk. Studies have discovered that milk is a good source of riboflavin or the vitamin B12 which gives a number of health and beauty benefits including giving your skin radiance. It also provides clarity as the vitamin A present in milk boost new cell formations and combats several skin ailments to ensure your skin is flawless. According to the Stanford School of Medicine, vitamin D with calcium can actually fight against melanoma which is type of skin cancer. According to a study, just one cup of milk has 299 milligrams of calcium which make up one-third part of the amount of calcium that is required daily.

So, next time you can consider that instead of going to a makeup store to buy new foundation or concealer; you can just go to your local Keells Super and buy a carton of milk for the whole week, that's 299 milligrams of Calcium * 7 = #flawlessallweek !


Strong Teeth

As mentioned above, milk is a great source of calcium and calcium is great for teeth. Milk helps prevent your teeth from decaying and prevents cavities as well so that an added bonus. What's more, it also helps prevent discoloration. Sri Lanka is the world's largest exporter of tea in the world. Therefore, it's no surprise that tea is the number one choice when it comes to beverages in Sri Lanka. But here's the catch, this delicious cuppa is an enemy to your pearly whites as tea contains tannins which are a type of chromagen (intensely pigmented molecules) that are largely accountable for its unique flavour and colour. As amazing as it is as a flavour, tannins make your teeth enamel much more vulnerable to staining.

Don't worry; you don't have to give up tea. According to a study published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, by adding milk to your tea reduces the effect of staining as it features a protein called casein, which combine with tannins and diminish dental discoloration.


Healthy Bones

Being an excellent source of calcium, milk is good for bone health, especially for kids, as it improves proper growth. Adults can also benefit from these qualities as milk helps keep bones strong which is much-needed to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


Muscle Growth

Sure Popeye the Sailor ate spinach for strong muscles, but if he knew about these amazing benefits that milk gives to muscles; he would have also opened up a carton of milk. Many sportsmen and women drink milk following their workout as it gives them the essential nutrients they need to recuperate. Milk also helps to replenish the fluids that were lost during physical exertion and to avoid muscles soreness.


Weight Loss

It is a proven fact that those who drank milk daily are most likely to lose weight than the ones who didn't. If you're in need of a healthy snack or a satisfying appetizer, just drink a glass of milk. Nutritionists also recommended consuming a glass of milk while having dinner or while eating fruit.

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