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Headline for Some of the Must Try Street Food in Jeddah – The Best and Most Delicious Street Bites, Snacks and Treats
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Some of the Must Try Street Food in Jeddah – The Best and Most Delicious Street Bites, Snacks and Treats

Jeddah, one of the most popular destinations of western Saudi Arabia, offers many attractions and experiences. Among its attractions is its street food scene offering several delectable street foods!


3. Yughmish

If you are looking for a quick snack while staying in a residence such as the Ascott Tahlia Jeddah or if you are staying in accommodation that is an alternative to 5-star hotels in Jeddah and wish to have a quick and filling snack, you should definitely try out yughmish. Yughmish is the perfect street food if you are on the run, as it is essentially a snack size leavened bread jacket stuffed with juicy mincemeat. Found easily in most street food stalls and shops, this filling and delicious snack is well worth trying out.


1. Mutabaq

Mutabaq, despite its Yemeni origins, is extremely popular in Saudi Arabia. Mutabaq is best described as a savory stuffed pancake, as it is essentially made up of crispy crepes wrapped around a heavy portion of mincemeat, eggs, and vegetables. This wholesome and delicious snack is a popular street food since it is easy to eat. Mutabaq is prepared in large cake-tray like utensils, and it is served by cutting small pieces which can be eaten just like eating a piece of cake. It's delicious, it's wholesome and it's convenient – everything that makes a perfect street food.


2. Falafel

Since of recent, falafel has become popular in the western world as well. Nevertheless, you can have an authentic experience of this mouth-watering deep fried street snack in Jeddah. Falafel is prepared by making balls of ground chickpeas and faca beans and then deep frying it so that it has a crispy brown exterior. Falafel is generally served with a spicy condiment or sauce and pickled vegetables. Occasionally a side of bread will also be served with falafel. Being a tasty easy to east snack, falafel is definitely one of the top street foods to try while in Jeddah.


4. Luqaimat

This one is for those of you with a sweet tooth! Luqaimat is a popular sweet street food that serves as a perfect after meal treat. Luqaimat comes in the form of starchy balls of pure sugary sweetness. They are crunchy on the outside as they are glazed with sugar, but soft and sweet on the inside. A general serving includes about 6 – 10 bite size Luqaimats making a great treat to get if you are amongst a group of friends. Luqaimat is extremely popular during the Ramadaan festivities of Jeddah.


5. Samosa

Samboosa is a taste pasty like snack that is a local favorite. Samosas are, traditionally, triangular in shape, and have a crispy thin pastry like exterior within which is different types of fillings are packed. The most popular fillings are mincemeat, vegetables, and cheese, although it is not uncommon to find samosas with a mixture of all three fillings. Served warm and generally enjoyed with a cup of hot tea, samosas are a street food that you must try while in Jeddah.


6. Sobia

When exploring the street food stalls of Jeddah you will find vendors selling a drink that is characterized by its bright colors. This is drink is sobia, one of the popular street beverage of Jeddah, second only to tea. While not exactly a "food", this creamy and milky drink is one of the top beverages of the Saudi street food scene and is the perfect drink to refresh yourself. The bring colors certainly do make a glass of sobia seem very appealing!

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