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Things to do in Sigiriya -Activities to do in an Ancient Kingdom

Sigiriya is one of the most fabled areas of Sri Lanka, encompassing thousands of years of history, which means there are many incredible places for you to explore.


Rock Fortress

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress is probably one of the greatest archeological landmarks of its time. If you are a first time visitor to Sri Lanka, get guidance to plan out your vacation from tour agents such as Connaissance de Ceylan and explore a range of exciting Sri Lanka tours to your most desired holiday destination. Being thousands of years old, this monumental achievement in urban planning baffles architects of the modern age, which is why UNESCO listed it as a world heritage site. The beautiful frescoes that adorn the walls of the fortress are also one of the most identifiable items of Sri Lanka. A climb to the top of this fortress will give you the opportunity of witnessing firsthand the sheer grandeur of this ancient fortress.


Pidurangala Rock

The Pidurangala Rock, located a few kilometers away from the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, is another archeological and religious site of Sri Lanka. The Pidurangala Rock is said to have been formed as part of volcanic activity many thousands of years ago. Around the time King Kashyapa came to Sigiriya seeking to make it his Royal Kingdom, there were many monks who resided in the caves near Sigiriya. As a symbol of good merit, King Kashyapa built a large monastery on Pidurangala Rock for the monks to reside in. Ever since then, the Pidurangala Rock has been a religious landmark of the region. Today the Pidurangala Rock is a popular attraction, as the climb to the peak of the rock is considered to be a pleasant hike, as the route to the peak goes through several scenic areas and ancient ruins


Sigiriya Museum

If you'd like to get an in-depth account of the history of this ancient and fabled city, then this is the place for you. The museum has an audiovisual program that provides a comprehensive recollection of the city's history. The exhibits, however, have garnered some scrutiny since they are quite limited and there are not many items from during the reign of King Kashyapa. The museum's bookshop, however, is rated quite highly and offers a strong collection of books about the history of Sri Lanka.


Dambulla Temple

About 24 km away from Sigiriya you will find perhaps the best example of a cave temple in Sri Lanka. The Dambulla Temple has been a place of worship for more than two thousand years and is still maintained and fully functional today. The temple complex is of mythological status, and its recorded history goes all the way back to 89BC when King Valagamba was in power. The interior of the temple is a spectacular sight, featuring more than a hundred and fifty Buddha statues in various poses along with many other statues of ancient kings and spiritual deities. The painted walls of the cave have been maintained for centuries by the residing monks and display many scenes of royal life.


Sigiriya Elephant Rides

The Sigiriya area is not only full of historical and cultural attractions. The area is also home to vast natural beauty that is best explored in style on elephant back. The majestic beasts can navigate through the terrain to allow visitors to enjoy a unique viewpoint of the beautiful natural surroundings.

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