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Health and Fitness Mantras

Useful tips to stay healthy and disease-free


How to Keep Yourself Safe from Mosquito Biting During Monsoon in Kolkata

7 ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito biting during monsoon in Kolkata.

Is Green Diet Effective To Lose Weight?

In spite of having several ways of staying fit and in shape, going for a vegan diet is always beneficial. Learn, how it can help you keep extra calories away.

Obesity and Sleep Apnea – How Closely They Are Connected

Morbid obesity has many ill effects. Sleep apnea is simply of them. It is a condition that causes a momentarily cut off of oxygen during the sleep cycle.

Importance of Prenatal Care

To ensure a safe pregnancy and childbirth, having a quality prenatal care is extremely crucial. Let’s study its role in ensuring the child’s growth as well.

What Can Negate The Effectiveness Of Bariatric Surgery?

Are you thinking about getting a weight loss surgery to say goodbye to obesity forever? Know what might cause hindrance in the same and be prepared for it.

How Is Ultrasound Carried Out?

Pregnancy is a delicate phase of woman’s life and it needs a lot of care and medication to ensure safety. Ultrasonography plays a vital role in the same.

Why Obesity Often Causes Infertility?

Obesity is not a singular illness, it comes with a series of tag along conditions as well. Infertility is only one of them. Know how they are related.

Why You Need To Be Careful While Joining a Gym Regime

Are you about to join a rapid weight loss program that promises to make you lean and thin within a month or so? Then beware, as these can be a total bluff. Know, how things can go wrong.

Why Exercising Is Not a Feasible Option for Every Overweight Patient

Have you considered exercise as a feasible option in order to lose weight? It is a good thing to do. But know the factors that prohibit exercising to be an effective approach. Here are 4 of those.

10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

Do you really want to lose extra weight? Here are 10 foods that you can avoid when you are trying to lose weight. For more details visit:

Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have various health benefits. How many of these did you know? Here are some fruits and vegetables with their health benefits. If you ar...

Some Do's and Don'ts Hernia Patients should follow

Hernias are budges protrudes from belly and chest where intestine and abdominal fat comes out. These mainly occurs in the abdomen but can also be found in up...

Health Benefits of Fruits

Some are sweet, some are tangy, but all of them are healthy for sure. We present the following fruits along with their benefits in order to motivate you to con…

7 Reasons Why You Must Include the Tangy Mangoes in Your Diet Plan?

Be sure to include these seasonal fruits in your diet and make your life a little healthier. Know what the 7 ways are in which raw mangoes restores your health from the diseases.

Top 10 Best Hospitals in Kolkata

There are several healthcare institutes that provide advanced medical treatment and diagnosis procedures in Kolkata. Here are top 10 best hospitals in Kolkat

Childhood Obesity - Causes and Effects

Childhood Obesity characterizes a status of a child who is obese and is probably going to be affected by health crisis which goes with obesity. Here is what ...

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy?

Heart is one of the most vital organs in the human body. It performs crucial functions and it is important to take special care of it. Adapt these healthy habits for a healthier heart.

Does The Monsoon Makes People More Prone To Illness Than Usual?

Monsoon is associated with having viral flu, cold and other illness due to weak immune system. Let’s understand if rainy season really makes us sick.

3 Reasons Why Having Friends Is Actually Healthy?

We present the 3 most health beneficial reasons of having friends that will keep you away from hospitals in Kolkata.

A Brief Introduction Of Dengue

Dengue is a very deadly illness caused by the vector mosquito. Learn the important facts regarding the same and stay protected from it.

Eye Care - Check The Color Plates To Evaluate The State Of Color Blindness

The eyes contain 2 types of cells, Rods, and cones. It enables us to see light and color. A color blind person cannot see one, two or more colors of the visible spectrum.

Laugh Out Loud to Enjoy These 5 Health Benefits

Looking for a motivation to laugh even more. Laugh out loud to enjoy these 5 health benefits on this April fools Day.

7 Tips To Stay Healthy In Summer

Summertime is not here to ignore the health issues. It is the high time to take care of yourself. So take precautions and live this season to the fullest.

5 Most Common Types of Cosmetic Surgery – ILS Hospitals – Medium

When the term cosmetic surgery comes forth, people tend to think about popular surgeries as, Rhinoplasty, facelift. However, apart from these, there are so many other types of cosmetic surgeries are…

5 Healthy Habits To Adapt On World Health Day – Best Hospitals in Kolkata

This World Health Day habituate with some good rules and live a better life. If you do not follow a healthy routine get ready to visit hospitals in Kolkata.