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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Best surf spots in Maldives -Only for the fun lovers

Popular for being one of the best-surfing destinations in the world, Maldives has an impressive amount of surf breaks for you all, let's take a look at the top surf spots in all of Maldives now.


Chickens, Male Atolls

Found in the Villigilimathi Huraa Island, this wave has a swell size of up to 10ft and lets you ride about 500m in length. Being a left-hand wave that has 2 sections you will also get barrels at the end of each wave. The island itself is uninhabited, but the wave is named as such because of the poultry farm on the island.


Cokes, Male Atolls

This wave is right handed and is highly recommended for experienced surfers only as the swell can be pretty big and intimidating. Again, this wave was named after the Coca Cola factory on a neighbouring island.



Not as popular as the Coke or Chicken, Honky's deserves some attention as is has some of the best waves in Maldives. Located on the Thaburudhoo Island, this extremely long left-hand wave doubles in the second section.



Locally known as Prison Point, this surfing spot wasn't open to surfers until recently as it is located right outside the national jail. The right hander wave here swells at three places is also the fastest wave in Maldives, with three tubes and long walls.



This wave is perfect for the beginners as it is a slow right hander that swells beautifully but not too harshly like the other waves. The major hotel chains in Maldives are usually located near a surfing hotspot, and you can find great places to stay at through travel websites like the Minor Hotels.



If you love fast waves and are good on the backhand, you will enjoy this wave. A hollow and fast right wave that crashes over corals, this provides a lot of barrel opportunities.



Travelling from the south, this long swell is a right-hand wave that comes at you like a lightening.



With the right wind and weather conditions, this wave can turn out to be a fast, hollow right hander.



One of the most consistent waves around the area, the downside is that this wave is vulnerable to winds. A powerful right hander that provides some great barrels, this wave works best during higher tides and will surely be an avid surfer's dream.



The last, but definitely not the least, this wave is pure perfection and is what surfers' dreams are made of. Only a pro can handle this wave as it has fast currents and breaks easily. The outside, the corner, and the inside make the three sections in the wave and when they are all well coordinated, it makes for an immensely challenging and fun surf point.

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