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List of Sharks in Maldives - a Flourishing Species in the Maldives

Anyone who visits the Maldives in search of sharks will not be left disappointed. There are over 26 different types of sharks swimming in these waters, and these are just a few of them.


Blacktip Reef Shark

One of the most abundant shark species in the Maldives, the Blacktip and whitetip reef sharks are a common sight around the islands and in the lagoons. The sharks use the lagoons as nurseries for their pups, and the baby sharks can easily be seen swimming in the clear waters. Timid in behaviour, the shark is difficult to approach, and will rarely pose a threat to humans, unless provoked or roused by the smell of blood.


Hammerhead Shark

The Maldives is one of the world's best destinations for sightings Hammerhead sharks. Three species are said to live in the Maldives, but only one has been confirmed. Unlike other sharks, the hammerhead is noted for living in large schools of sharks during the day, and venturing out alone to hunt at night. It's not uncommon to see them swimming near any luxury resort in Maldives, with the best viewing time during the early mornings.


Tiger Shark

One of the most dangerous sharks in the world - the tiger shark has a reputation as a man-eater among sharks, second only to the great white shark. While it is confirmed that they live near the islands, they are rarely seen, as the sharks are solitary, nocturnal hunters. The tiger shark is also known for the large spectrum of food that it consumes - from fish, seals, squids, crustaceans, turtles, dolphins, and even other sharks.


Whale shark

The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, but despite its size and species, it's not dangerous at all. The whale shark is one of the filter-feeding carpet sharks that feed exclusively on plankton. The whale sharks do not display threatening behaviour, and are in fact quite docile, even around divers. Several diving operators organise excursions to seek and swim with these gentle giants; even places like Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort, for example, offer diving experiences for guests. However, due to conservation reasons, close interaction with the sharks are generally discouraged. The whale shark is an endangered marine creature, and a protected species in the Maldives.


Oceanic whitetip shark

Not to be confused with the whitetip reef shark - the oceanic whitetip shark is an aggressive shark that lives further out to sea. This slow moving predator is known for the feeding frenzy behaviour it exhibits, and is considered a danger to shipwreck or crash survivors.


Zebra shark

A member of the carpet shark species, zebra sharks are commonly found swimming near the coral reefs. These sharks are nocturnal and thus spend most of their day lying motionless on the sea floor, only to arouse at night to hunt. Harmless to humans, the zebra sharks are highly popular among diving tours. Zebra sharks are listed worldwide as an endangered species due to commercial fishing.

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