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Best Places to Surf in Maldives – Fun and Entertainment on the Waves

The lovely Maldives has secured a reputation as a foremost holiday destination. In the local waters, you will also encounter a number of outstanding surfing locations, like those below.



Chicken is the name of a well-known surfing location in the Maldives' North Male Atoll. Named after a poultry farm that once existed near this break, Chickens features swells which can vary from 3 ft to more than 10 ft. At this surf spot, you will have the opportunity to experience rides extending up to a length of 500 m. You will see that it boasts a lengthy left-handed wave having two sections; you will be able to easily obtain barrels on the wave's final section. On days with big swells and optimal wind characteristics, this surf location can be regarded as one of the finest waves on the globe.



Surfing enthusiasts will enjoy the surf spot known as Honky's which is situated on the island known as Thaburudhoo. It is regarded by some avid surfers as offering the finest wave in the entirety of the Maldives. There is no doubt that this location is a premier class surf spot when the conditions are favourable. You will see that it is a very long left-handed wave which may double in its second segment. Surfers will find that this spot's inside segment jacks up higher than the first peak, sometimes creating a surprise for riders whilst forming memorable barrels.



Guru's may be described as an appealing left-hander which breaks on an attractive reef in the midst of the ocean on the South Male Atoll's eastern coast. You will find that the wave here is fast with a splendid wall that is great for manoeuvres and even perhaps aerials according to your proficiency level. Due to the fact that this surf spot can be accessed from the nearby shore, it has become popular with the local residents who stay nearby. Overall Guru's can be described as an enjoyable ride that can be recommended to surfers of all levels of expertise. A Maldives luxury hotel that you could consider from which you will have the opportunity to enjoy surfing would be Naladhu Private Island Maldives.



Seasoned surfers will be enthralled by the surf spot known as Malik's which is situated on the island known as Hirilandhoo. It may be regarded as a sensational wave which sometimes doesn't seem to wish to cooperate with the enthusiast. You will find that Malik's boasts favourable days and not so favourable days, but in the former case provides great fun for the surfer. The issue with Malik's is not typically the tide but rather the wind direction and swell. On a favourable day, Malik's offers a fast left-handed wave which can vary between 3 and 10 feet, whilst offering almost ideal barrels. These factors make Malik's a must-experience spot in the central atolls of the Maldives.


Tiger Stripes

The surf location known as Tiger Stripes which is situated in the Southern Atolls is an interesting spot that will appeal to the enthusiast. This location is situated within an inlet which lies flanked by the islands of Gan and its neighbour Gadhdoo. The surfing spot derives its name from a reef which features a series of gouges resembling a tiger's stripes. You will find that the wave here is a left-hander which doesn't become as hollow as other waves located nearby. However, Tiger Stripes compensates for this by providing consistent and long walls that are carvable, which are suitable for a diverse range of surfers.