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Easy Steps to Find Employment in Singapore – Beginning Your Job Quest

Planning to find a job in Singapore? Here are some steps you can follow that will hopefully help you in the process of finding suitable employment in the Lion City.


Identifying the Suitable Job Sector

As with any country, in Singapore too there are certain sectors that offer you a better chance of employment. This can vary of course and depend on factors like your skill level, changes in the economy and shortages in particular areas of the local labour force. Always look to check the current job sector in Singapore and see what kind of jobs are offering more employment opportunities and if they match your requirement or skill set. A key indicator of the kind of employment available in the country can be seen by checking the latest professions listed out on the Strategic and Skills-in-Demand List. For example, since tourism is a burgeoning industry in Singapore, the hospitality industry offers more chances for employment.


Applying & Waiting

Browsing online or in the newspaper for the kind of job you are looking for in Singapore is not an easy task by any means but then, there is a lot to go through. Sometimes you may come across that "dream job" right at the beginning of your hunt, while at other times it may take weeks, months or more. But when you do find a suitable opportunity, make sure to apply as soon as possible. Remember, the likelihood is high that many other people from around the world are applying too. Fill in all the needed information and follow the instructions carefully. Then the waiting begins!


Preparing for the Interview

If all goes well you will be selected. Next, comes the interview stage or as is sometimes the case stages. This process can be quite a stringent one depending on the company and can sometimes stretch for over a month. Do not be disheartened by this and remember, this is part of the process. Preparation for each and every stage of the interview process is key. Do find out if the interview is going to be a personal, conference or video call. If it's a video call dress professionally and when communicating verbally always be polite, honest and speak clearly. Don't forget, first impressions count! If you have questions, do not wait to ask them later, but at the appropriate moment clear any doubts or queries you may have.


Accepting the Offer

If you successfully pass the round of interviews and are deemed suitable, you will receive the all important job offer letter! Take your time to read it carefully; look into the contract and what it entails and if it meets your requirements as well. One thing you should keep in mind is that the salary should be in keeping with your employment permit.


Applying for the Work Permit Visa

The final step once you have accepted the job and finalised the details would be to apply for the relevant Singapore work permit visa. Depending on your job and qualification, the type of work visa will vary. Local companies like Complete Corporate Services who have experience in dealing with such aspects are helpful when it comes to filling out the relevant forms and which work visa type is most suitable. Once that is done, hopefully, you will get the approved visa and can begin your new career in Singapore!