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Headline for Find Genuine Eye Care Services with Qualified Eye Care Professionals in Sri Lanka - Only the Best For Your Eyes
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Find Genuine Eye Care Services with Qualified Eye Care Professionals in Sri Lanka - Only the Best For Your Eyes

In order to ensure that your eyes are healthy, it is imperative that you regularly use eye care services and procedures. These are some of the best and professional eye care services in Sri Lanka.



Refraction involves the testing for and evaluation of any refractive errors in your vision. Given that refractive errors can impair your sight and gradually cause further impairment if left untreated, refraction eye tests are of great importance. In fact, refraction tests are also instrumental in evaluating the nature and extent of any refractive errors you may have, so that you can be prescribed spectacles with appropriate lenses to correct any such errors. In this day and age, professional eye care specialists take only about 20 minutes to conduct a comprehensive refraction test on your eyes.


Color Vision Tests

Being impaired of being able to see and properly identify colors can be a potentially life threatening issue. As such, eye specialists have continuously stressed the importance for routine color vision tests, especially for those of you who have a history of being impaired of seeing colors in your family. Standard color vision tests are simple, fast and effective. Using an array of color charts that assist eye care specialists determine the strength of your vision with respect to seeing colors, and the degree of impairments in seeing colors, if any, professional eye care specialists are able to tell you, with much precision, the degree of your color vision.


Eye Pressure Tests

Suffering from high eye pressure is both painful and debilitating to your vision. Caused by conditions such as Glaucoma or steroid abuse, high blood pressure can extremely serious if left untreated. As such, reputed eye care specialists provide a range of eye pressure tests in ensure that your eye pressure is within acceptable levels. Standard eye pressure tests, such as Pascal tests and air puff test, are able to, with precision, detect cases of high eye pressure, so that you can immediately commence remedial treatment and thereby ensure the health and wellbeing of your eyes and vision. Eye care specialists in Sri Lanka, the likes of Vision Care Optical Services, offer eye pressure tests such as Air Puff Topography and Pascal tests.


Orthoptic Eye Tests

There are several reasons why the strength of your eyes or vision may falter, and one such reason is the presence of dysfunctions in your eye muscles. It is in order to detect such dysfunctional eyes muscles that orthoptic eye tests are conducted. There are a number of orthopitic eye tests that have been developed by eye care specialists, which include standard Orthoptic tests and Hess Chart tests. These tests are recommended by eye care specialists as part of your routine medical checkup, as well for those suffering from Strabismus or Thyroid imbalances.


Fundus Photography

Fundus photography is an optical procedure used in eye care for the purposes of capturing an image of the interior surface of the eye. Fundus photography, therefore, is a procedure by which eye specialists can evaluate the health and condition of several segments of the eye such as retina, the Fundus, the optic disk and the macula. There are several different types of Fundus photography used for different purposes such as Anterior Segment Photography, Optic Disk Photography, Auto Fluorescence and MPOD. All these procedures serve as valuable tools used by eye care specialists to ensure that all the different parts of your eyes are in good health.