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The Ultimate Must Pack List for your next Disney Cruise

Here is the ultimate Disney Cruise packing list. These items have been recommended as a must-have or highly recommended for your next Disney cruise to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Add your favorite items and rank the best suggestions!



Bring tons of it. Very costly on the ship.


An envelope with lots of $1 bills for gratuity.

It's always helpful to have small bills for gratuity.


Drink bottles

Bring your own drink bottles or cups with lids for yourself and the kids so you can refill at one of the many 24-hour soft drink, water, and coffee/tea spots. Something that can handle both hot or cold drinks is best!


Ziplock bags - various sizes

Useful for misc storage during the trip and for packing some extra sweet treats for the kids from the restaurants on board.


Waterproof phone case + lanyard

You might think that you won't need your smart phone once you are on the ship. Afterall, you definitely don't want to be charged for roaming while in the open ocean. But Disney offers an app that allows you to use your smartphone to communicate with one another while aboard the ship. Get it free here for iOS and Android.

Since you can keep your phone around you, make sure to keep it in a waterproof pouch. You can also keep your "Key to the World Card" in it.



The rooms get dark, so bring a nightlight for the kids.


Shoes with good traction.

The decks can get wet, so make sure you have shoes that won't slip on wet surfaces.


Sticky Notes

Helpful to leave notes for family members or the staff.


Two Laundry bags

One for wet clothes and the other for dry.



For those port visits at the beach.


Bungee cord / String / Rope / Twine

This comes in handy if you need to hang up some wet clothes or for connecting cabins.


Medication - Motion sickness aids, pain killers, et al.

Whatever works for you! Motion sickness pills, patches, or bracelets. No fun in feeling nauseous on your vacation.

Also, don't forget the standard advil, benadril, gas pills, or whatever ailment you have.


Door decoration

When wandering the halls, it can be easy to lose your orientation and make it hard to find your own room, especially for the kiddos. By decorating your door a bit, that makes it much easier to find your own room. Note, you are not allowed to use any kind of tape, but with the exception of the concierge rooms, the state rooms have metal doors, so using magnets is the perfect option.

Here is a great example.


The Wind

Obviously not something to bring, but rather a reminder that the wind can be quite powerful out in the open ocean. If you are wearing anything that can be blown off, make sure they have a neck strap or something to keep them from flying away. Straps for glasses, hair bands, or anything else that can be affected by a big gust of wind.


Antibacterial spray/wipes/gel

Need I say more? Wash your hands and keep some antibacterial sprays handy. Don't want to risk getting sick while on vacation.



For those of you who want to bring your own alcoholic beverages on board, here are the Disney rules:

If you do bring wine, don't forget the corkscrew!



Don't forget! The glare off the water can be extreme.


Wetwipes / tissues

The stateroom tissues are thin, so if you need something more durable, bring your own.


DO NOT pack these items.

Some things are obvious but others are not so. Be sure to review this official list of items that are NOT allowed on board the ship.


Multiport USB charger

If you are like me, you will have at least 5-6 things that will need charging for the trip. My phone, my wife's phone, kid's devices, cameras, watches, etc. Because of the limited number of outlets in the state room, and the rule prohibiting you bringing your own power strips, I recommend you bring a single charging station with at least 4 or 5 USB charging ports. This will save on packing space and that way you won't end up losing one of your chargers. Remember to pack a usb cord for each!



This should go without saying. A comfortable backpack to carry around some of your essential items such as baby wipes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.


Travel documents

Make sure you pack all your travel documents. Driver's license / photo ID, passports, cruise documentation, or any other services you have booked like excursions while at port.


Disney Cruise App

Make sure to download the "Disney Cruise Line Navigator" app for your iPhone or Android device. The app will let you "explore your ship from bow to stern with Deck Plans, learn about the ports you’ll be visiting with Featured Articles and make the most of each day with access to the entire cruise schedule."

Also, the app will help you communicate with your friends and family on the ship with the Onboard Chat feature. All free when you connect to the ships wifi.

Get the app here: iPhone and Android