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Modes of Getting round in Pattaya -The easiest and the smartest

Pattaya is a highly developed tourist city that is famous for its shopping destinations and nightlife, but getting around the city is no easy feat and requires prior knowledge for a smoother trip.



The literal translation of Songtaew means two rows. This minibus is also called a Baht bus in English and they are small pickup trucks that are blue in colour and offer protection from the sun or rain with a canopy on the top. These minibuses can be found in all parts of Pattaya and is a cheap mode of transport. Always negotiate your fare before getting on the vehicle and the rest is easy.


Local Bus

There are 3 bus routes around the city but they aren't regular, so unless you have a lot of time to spare waiting at a bus stop, it's best to choose another mode of transport. Hotels like Travelodge Hotels Asia offer brochures with information about the bus routes and stops. The buses come in 3 colours, one for each route, green red and yellow.


Motorbike Taxi

This is the fastest way of travelling around Pattaya but can be dangerous too, so make sure you always have your helmet on. You can simply flag a bike down by waving your hand as they pass by and you will be able to identify these bikers with their numbered jackets. Most affordable hotels in Asia have information on the cheaper modes of transport within the city as they get a lot of backpackers and budget travellers, and asking your desk clerk for the closest motorbike taxi station will help too.



Pattaya doesn't have its own school of local meter taxis, but the ones that come in from Bangkok take hires and you can hail an empty cab on the roads itself. This mode of transport is quite expensive and is advisable when you have to travel far and to out of town attractions.


Motorcycle Rental

Like all cities, Pattaya is also prone to maddening traffic during rush hours and motorcycles are the best vehicles that can weave you in and out of traffic with ease. Pattaya has many bike rentals throughout the town and the bikes are mostly automatic gears. A driving licence is not strictly required to hire a bike, but you might have to leave your passport with the rental agency as a security deposit. Wearing a helmet is an obvious rule and must be followed at all times.


Car Rental

If you are planning on staying in Pattaya for more than a weekend, then renting a car is a good idea. The rents are expensive and won't be much of an investment if you are going to rent it for shorter periods. Do remember though, you are on a holiday, and road rage is something you wouldn't want to be handling while you are out there to relax and unwind.



Put on your walking shoes, grab a bottle of water and head out to explore the city. Early morning and evening are the best time to do so as the midday heat can be unbearable and the roads cool down only after 4pm.

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