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Top Melbourne Street Food -A Taste of Melbourne

Staying in Melbourne? Looking around for some great street food joints? Here are some good options varying from sensational savoury snacks to delicious desserts.


Tarte Tatin

Brought to you straight from the oven is the heavenly dessert called the Tarte Tatin. Available at the Bistro Vue in Collins Street, the Tarte Tatin is a decadent puff pastry swathed in toffee, topped with baby sundowner apple and cinnamon-clove spiced vanilla. The entire thing is covered with a generous drizzle of cinnamon-clove spiced vanilla.



Whether you're in Italy or Timbuktu, pizza is always a good idea, so why not have some in Melbourne? The best place to try out this beloved Italian food in Melbourne is at Pizzarium, located close to the dockyard, Oaks On Marketand other such hotels Near Etihad Stadium. They have a wide selection of pizza what seems to be most popular are the Americana, Pepperoni pizzas as well as the fettuccine carbonara.


Chickpea Bake

Taste the exotic flavours of Morocco with the sensational chickpea bake! If you love bold flavours this dish at the Moroccan Soup Bar along the St Georges Road is just right for you as it's packed with garlic paired together with creamy yoghurt for that perfect balance. In addition to these, you have those nutty chickpea nuggets and pieces of toasted flatbread which adds that wonderful crunch.


Red Cabbage

Available at The Town Mouse restaurant, this delicious salad consists of a quartered red cabbage that's stuffed with cubes of prune and apple. Dusted with a generous helping of parmesan, the cabbage is slow roasted until tender and the edges are just perfectly crisp.


Fish Pie

If you thought chicken pie was a game changer, wait till you try this sensational fish pie at Builders Arms. This delectable little pie has a crispy puff pastry that is filled with a variety of seafood inside ranging from rockling, prawns and smoked trout; all brought together in a creamy caper strewn white sauce.



Experience the hearty flavours of the Mediterranean by trying the crisp, sweet and syrupy saganaki and Hellenic Republic. This Greek snack features a wedge of kefalograviera topped off with baby figs swathed in a syrup that carries a subtle yet amazing peppery heat.


Coconut Yoghurt

One spoonful of this and you'll feel like you're in a tropical paradise with swaying coconut palms and pristine beaches...Yep, the coconut yoghurt at The Kettle Black will take you to tropical heaven. What makes this takes so good is the combination of fresh ingredients such as Aussie-grown grains, seeds, nuts, flowers and seasonal fruit that tops the creamy dairy-free yoghurt made from coconut milk. The icing on the cake is the dusting of dehydrated peel powder that gives a bold punch of citrus.


Meat Doughnuts

Doughnuts + meat, need we say more? These fluffy dough balls are so good that you'll be popping them by the dozen if you can't help it. Stuffed inside with juicy meat, rolled in sugar and paprika; the balls are fried to a perfect crisp and served with a spicy capsicum relish as a side. They were at first, served only at night, but after fans rebelled against this they are offered during the day as well!