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Icegreen is a Canadian owned and operated manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags and many other environment-friendly packaging solutions. Our product range consists of reusable shopping bags, reusable tote bags, wine bags, custom printed reusable bags, reusable thermal bags, nylon bags, reusable paper bags, Eco-friendly drink-ware, and a full range of recycling containers, parts and service programs.


Icegreen offering top quality Reusable bags, Custom design bags that are not just trendy yet are additionally eco-friendly bags.

Best Reusable Thermal Food Bags that You Can Buy in 2018

Reusable thermal bags are used to transport hot or cold food as it can be a bit challenging. Whether you have cooked food for Thanksgiving …

Environment Needs More Of Reusable Stuff, Reusable Bags Are Most Welcome!

Reusable bags are any day better than one time usable bags. Reason being that the reusable bags are mostly made of eco-friendly material.

Wine Bags Made Reusable, One More Step To Save The Planet – Virily

In this era of global warming, when we live in the guilt of having harmed the planet earth to irreparable proportions, whatever little we can do to salvage our sins are small but significant.

Custom Wine Bags For Gifts and Promotions

As you may already know that there are a number of variations of customized gifts from which people can select from. Custom wine bags are one of them, while they are great for gifts and promotions because you can carry them to special occasions whereas they are used to carry a bottle of wine which makes it even more distinguished from the rest.

These reusable bags are made from a fabric which is made of either canvas or the natural fabrics like jute, which is more durable and allows people to have multiple uses. So if you are planning to buy them and want to make a bulk purchase, go and visit, IceGreen’s website, a leading international manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags.

How to Make a Reusable Wine Bag at Home?

Wine is one of the gifts that you can present it to your loved ones and it could become special if you add a handmade touch while gifting wine bottles with cute fabric reusable wine bags!

How do Insulated Thermal Lunch Bags Keep Your Food Safe and Fresh? - posted by icegreen at

Today’s lunch boxes are very different than you used to find in olden days. Though you might be crazy for those old metal boxes. Nowadays, you get insulated thermal lunch bags that are printed in different patterns and styles.

Reasons to Switch to Reusable Bags

One of the biggest reason earth is getting polluted is because of plastic waste. People all over the world are using plastic bags excessively and are creating tons of pounds of waste each year.

How Can You Stick to the Habit of Having a Reusable Shopping Bags Instead of Plastics?

Plastic has always created problematic situations around the world today polluting the ocean. Companies are making reusable shopping bags


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Shake Hand With Wine Paper Bag

The eco-friendly bags may it be a grocery bags or wine paper bags they are made from organic materials which are easy to decompose using bacteria and another microorganism.

Should your business start using wine paper bags? However, they might not be the most interesting topic in the world but you may need to understand the differences between the types of bags and their capacities along with their functions which can be useful for any restaurant, take-out business, or grocery stores.

Eco-friendly Bags- A Modern Change

We continually hear about plastic pollution. The fact that we hear almost every day may be from news sites, surrounding people, the news channel is that plastic poorly affects the environment and health. Almost 8 million pieces of plastic pollution from coastal area find a way into our oceans. In respect to these numbers, we are being told to use reusable or eco-friendly bags.


Every year, a large number of animals die as a result of consuming plastic which can easily be prevented by using reusable grocery bags, insulated thermal bags and insulated lunch bags. Animals such as birds, turtles, cows, dogs and marine animals suffer this fate due to people using and throwing away plastic bags.

What Are the Different Types of Reusable Bags?

Most consumers are nowadays environmentally conscious and are looking for the products coming in eco-friendly bags and sustainable packaging. Using reusable fabric shopping bags helps the environment by reducing pollution and conserving energy. The cons of polythene bags have urged the need for using reusable bags. And this way, the need to develop a variety of eco-friendly bags came into existence.

Why Go With Insulated Lunch Bags?

Insulated lunch bags are practical products for everyday use. These types of lunch boxes are immensely popular, not just among school-going children but adults as well. Insulated lunch boxes keep your stored food fresh, raw and intact. Getting a good quality thermal bag will also help you in keeping your food away from getting stale.

Why you should opt for eco-friendly bags?

We all are aware of the bad condition of the environment with all the plastic building up. Whether you go on the top of the mountain or to the bottom of the ocean, there is plastic everywhere. Hence, it is imperative to find a solution to plastic pollution. As plastic is very important in our day to day life, we can use a better alternative like eco-friendly bags.

Different types of wines which you didnt know about (Hydration )

You must have heard that drinking a glass of red wine is very good for health. Well, it is somehow true because certain types of wine contain properties that help in protecting some cancers and improve heart and mental health. However, if you love to drink wine then your choice of vintage and type would be wide-reaching and sometimes a little confusing. However, for the people who don’t know anything about the wine, read these tips with which you can peruse the wine aisle like a pro. Moreover, if you are buying wines from the wine shop then opt for reusable wine bags to save the environment.

Advantages of using reusable shopping bags

For shopping, people usually use reusable bags in Canada, supermarkets often prefer reusable bags over plastic bags. There are various types of reusable bags like custom jute bags, canvas tote bags, non-woven bags, etc.

Why are reusable bags important for the environment?

Today, solving the plastic issue is much more complicated than solving world economics. Most people understand that plastic is bad for the environment but they might know how and why. When you use eco-friendly bags, they no longer have a need for disposable plastic bags.

Looking for insulated lunch boxes and eco friendly bags? You can browse here

While commuting to or completing the projects in the office, you love to carry your eco friendly bags that is insulated to carry your lunch in them. Everyone craves it to be hot and fresh. For that, one goes on in a hunt to find some expensive lunch boxes which might not help you to keep your food intact. Anyway, spending too much is not the solution. One should get a good quality insulated, thermal and eco friendly bags, that ensures the maximum storage protectivity of your food. It can be used by anyone, be it an adult or a kid.

All Need To Know About Insulated Thermal Bags

These thermal bags are now commercially available in the form of many different products like insulated lunch bags, laminated thermal bags, insulated ultrasonic thermal bags, quilted thermal bags, reusable pizza bags, and more.

Why Choose Paper Bags Over Plastic Bags?

Reusable produce bags like ICEGREEN can help you in selecting the right size and type of paper bags as per your requirement, budget and project. One can choose from a variety of ICEGREEN paper bags such as reusable paper shopping bags, reusable paper wine bags, laminated paper wine bags, and a lot many options for you to choose from.

Benefits Of Opting Insulated Lunch Bags

For people considering bags for their next marketing campaign, there is one type which is often overlooked and that is insulated lunch bags. These bags have the ability to keep food and drink fresh for a reasonably long time by conserving a low temperature.