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Things To Do In Bali – First Timer's Guide

Green valleys, soothing serene landscapes and delicious food are what make a holiday to Bali an exciting and enriching holiday. Here is a list of some things you could do in Bali!


Visit Uluwatu Temple

The Ulutwatu Temple is a highly recommended temple to visit when you're here. The temple is perched at the edge of a cliff and offers a dramatic view of the sunset – so don't forget to take plenty of pictures! The sacred temple is also known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, and is located 15 miles from Kuta, south of Bali's stunning coast. You can visit the temple from 8 am to 6pm any time of the week, and the entrance fee is 30,000 rupiahs. If you happen to be at the temple just before sunset, you'll be able to witness a traditional kecak dance that's performed at 6pm daily. Those visiting the temple are informed to be aware of the local inhabitants of the temple –monkeys; who are known to steal belongings assuming that it's food! Thankfully, these monkeys have learnt the age old barter system and if they happen to snatch something valuable of yours, try trading it with some fruit.


Cleanse yourself

Purta Tirta Empul or the Temple of the Holy Water is known to have a fountain and pond of scared water with healing properties. Balinese worshippers travel great distances to bathe in this holy spring to cleanse their soul. However if you're on the hunt for a wellness and spa retreat in Ubud, the next option on this list might be better suited!


Traditional Balinese massages

There's nothing quite like a Balinese massage to relieve you of your worries! Hotels and resorts such as COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali offer a range of wellness programmes and spa retreats for their guests to take advantage of during your vacation. Balinese massages aims to give customers a more calming, soothing massage focusing around many health rewards.


Learn the art of cooking

If you've fallen in love with local food, some resorts offer you the option of partaking in a cooking class where you can learn how to make your favourite Balinese meals yourself! From picking fresh ingredients to learn the clever art of mixing the right spices, enrolling in a cooking class is sure to be an experience that you can take back home and share with your loved ones!


Be silent

Bali observes a day of silence known as Nyepi Day, a.k.a. Balinese New Year. This day is considered to be day of reflection and silence and everyone, including you – are asked to stay indoors. The Balinese follow a rule of "no fire", "no activity", "no entertainment" and "no travel" on this day, therefore businesses, restaurants and everything in Bali shuts down – no noise or sound is allowed to be made. Airports even temporarily close for the day, so make sure plan your travel arrangements accordingly. Nyepi Day falls on the 17th March 2018. Before this day, there entire village takes to the streets to perform a procession through the city, which ends with a massive celebration on the eve of Nyepi Day.